Russia reports on Extraterrestrial Life in the News Channel

Russian Newsroom discussing with former Canadian defense Minister about aliens.

In the month of abrild 2013, several media outlets around the world, recently revealed that a report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia on the agenda of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev , warned President Barack Obama, who has time to let the world know the truth about aliens , and if the United States refuses to cooperate, the Kremlin will do it on their own .
From this warning , many Russian politicians and military have already revealed highly classified information on alien UFO phenomenon . The same Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in December 2012 to one of the reporters that aliens are among us. Regarding this agenda declassification , the former head of the Russian navy , Admiral Vladimir Chelnavin revealed that during the time served , on several occasions witnessed encounter with several unidentified flying objects , saucer-shaped , of cigar and cylindrical.

Admiral also stressed that the former Soviet navy observed and gathered a large number of UFO sightings over decades and in various parts of the world . Likewise, the sub commander , Admiral Nikolai Smirnov , agreed with the cases described by Chernavin , and the fact that most meetings were held at sea.

In addition, former deputy director of exploration oceanographic commission of the Academy of Sciences of the former Soviet and scientific Union , Captain Vladimir Azasa , had the opportunity to document a series of weekly meetings between military to discuss sightings UFO , noting that 50 % of sightings are related to the oceans and another 15% with lakes .

Dr. Azasa , told the news portal RT , that on one occasion a nuclear submarine, which was on a combat mission in the Pacific Ocean six unknown objects detected , none of the sound technicians were able to identify the signature of the echoes, or determine which objects are reflected in their instruments. After the crew failed to evade the pursuers objects , the captain ordered to come to the surface , followed by which objects also emerged and then flew away .Retired Yuri Beketov , commander also mentioned that many of the mysterious events happen in the triangle of Bermudaz where instruments fail without reason aparente.El former naval officer considers that such anomalies can be caused intentionally by UFOs.

Former Defense Minister of Canada Paul Hellyer , who for decades has openly declared the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence and his presence on Earth , gave an interview to Russian television on 30 December, where he revealed that in recent decades it has been reported to increase the presence of aliens on Earth because humans invented nuclear Labomba , and said that in fact visit us for thousands of years and are still among us …



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