Amazing video of strange lights over Hawaii – Analysis

A group of strange lights hovering over Hawaii. Is this a real video, or is this a good hoax?

This video is an interesting shot of a group of strange lights hovering over Hawaii. If this was to be a video of UFOs, then this would probably be the biggest gathering of UFOs ever recorded. But whether it is real or not is the big question. We should probably look at the parts of the video that look real and parts that look fake in order to decide the authenticity of this video.

The biggest pull to the video is that the lights can be seen during a bright, cloudless day sky, meaning that it would be impossible to be stars. With the bright light in the middle makes it look like more of a portal in the sky than a UFO. However, we see that the light does eventually move, so if it is a UFO, we can probably say that it is a carrier of some sort, while the other twinkling lights are smaller UFOs. With the bigger light moving down in the sky, you can see a bright flash as the camera pans away, as if the camera man didn’t notice the sudden disappearance of the bigger light. Eventually, the smaller lights twinkle start to dimmer, until eventually they all fade away.

The parts that make this video feel fake, however, derive from three points. The first point is how the smaller lights twinkle. The twinkling that each one does feels like a special effect in an editing program. As much as it is hard for a camera to film bright lights, the lights feel…too ‘flat’. As if the lights are not in the sky, and instead just an effect added in on a screen. The second point about the video feeling fake is the camera man himself. You can hear in the video a very loud yawn. While we do not know whether or not he had a good night sleep that night or not, if something supernatural is happening, you probably wouldn’t yawn at it. There would be more of an excitement to keep your brain awake. It makes me feel like this man was just told to film the sky. The last point is of the sudden cut that happens in the video. The video has a point where the camera is zoomed in very close, but then suddenly we’re out mid way zoom as if the camera stopped recording. There would be no reason to stop recording such a supernatrual footage.

So what do you guys think? Is this video real or fake? Leave a comment about what you think.


David Aragorn

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