This Ancient Map Reveals A Mind-Boggling Secret

This Ancient Map Reveals A Mind-Boggling Secret

Ottoman cartographer Piri Reis' five-hundred-year-old map accurately explores the coast of Antarctica and provided amazing information about 2000 ports and cities in the Mediterranean sea. It also explores the western coasts of Europe and North Africa and the eastern coast of South America.

The map was created in 1513 and discovered in 1929. Upon seeing how South America was positioned in its proper longitudinal position, about the continent of Africa, an international sensation erupted. The map is a view of earth from space, and it is very hard to believe. The Piri Reis map is a first class piece of naval intelligence. The questions the map raises have puzzled many people and raised a lot of debate, as to what it all means. The amazing thing about the map is that it did not come from an ancient civilization, or from aliens.
The Piri Reis map is a first class piece of naval intelligence. Professor Charles Hapgood, who teaches history, believes the information is accurate and has been passed down from people to people. He speculates that possibly Phoenicians or Minoans could have been the ones to do it, since they were the greatest sailors in the ancient world. The map itself is an implication that a very advanced civilization existed before the current one and this civilization had a lot of tools at their disposal to create a map with such detail.
The map is still a mystery and likely will continue to be for many ages ahead. The detail on the map is very thorough and was made with a great vision. These kinds of things are given to current culture to understand that it’s a small world and the current people are but a tiny fragment in a grand history of art and intelligence.
Source: Disclose.TV

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