Man BANNED For Asking NASA About Aliens During Q&A! 2/23/17

NASA held an open question AMA on Reddit to see what everyone's questions were about the 7 new exoplanets discovered, but then when a certain Reddit user asked a question about alien life, the account got suspended...permanently.

On February 22nd, 2017 NASA held a press conference to reveal they had found 7 exoplanets around a ‘cool star,’ and that some of those planets could be habitable. Following this announcement, NASA held an AMA on Reddit for the public to ask questions.

So, a website called the Collective Evolution saw an opportunity to ask a simple question: What is NASA’s stance on revealing the truth that they have on alien life?

The question was then followed up on facts that there was already someone of importance who had already stated on how there are four known species of aliens discovered. That person was former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer. There were other Reddit users who wanted to know the same answer as well, upvoting the question and giving comments on the subject.

But instead of an answer from NASA, what happened instead was an account suspension was given to the Collective Evolution’s Reddit account.

Watch the video, look at the Collective Evolution’s article about this censorship of their question, and ask yourself…Why is NASA trying so hard to suppress the question everyone wants to know: …Are we not alone in the universe?

Source of article: Collective Evolution

Source of video: Secureteam10

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