The truth is out there: 25 UFO sightings reported in central Ont. last year

The truth is out there: 25 UFO sightings reported in central Ont. last year

People across central Ontario reported some bizarre sightings in the sky last year.

Twenty-five strange objects were seen across parts of Simcoe County, York Region, Muskoka and the Kawarthas, according to the 2016 Canadian UFO Survey.

In total, there were 1,131 sightings of unidentified flying objects reported across Canada.

The reports vary, but carry an other-worldly feel. On March 13, 2016, someone reported seeing two circular crafts signalling to each other in Parry Sound.

In Alliston on April 27, 2016, a report of a grey oval-shaped object following a plane before disappearing.

Someone in Barrie even reported seeing strange lights prior to last year’s ice storm and mass power outage.

In a first for the 28 years the study has been conducted, only four per cent of the sightings could not be explained. Study author Chris Rutkowski said that record-low rating is likely the result of more careful scrutiny of raw report information available.

Summer is the big time of year for UFO sightings and mostly they were simply lights that people saw in the sky.

The provinces with the largest populations had the most reports, so Quebec led the country with 38.5 per cent of the sightings, while Ontario had 26 per cent and British Columbia had 17 per cent.

The most popular shape of UFO reported in 2016 was a simple point source of light (57 per cent). Other shapes reported were triangle (four per cent), ball (nine per cent), cigar (three per cent) and fireball (five per cent). The classic “flying saucer” was only reported 48 times.

As for what the study calls “unknowns,” they included such cases as the “gigantic, disc-shaped object with searchlights” that was seen moving over the mountains in North Vancouver, and the boomerang-shaped “cluster of stars” that moved across the sky near St. Thomas, Ont.

There was also the commercial airplane over Toronto that had a near miss with an object while on a routine flight on Nov. 14.

“The flight crew noticed an object directly ahead on their flight path. The object appeared to be solid, approximately five to eight feet in diameter and shaped like an upright doughnut or inner tube,” said the study.

“Cabin crew members received minor injuries when evasive action was taken. While the object was not likely a balloon and was suggested to be a drone, it was noted that drones could not fly at that altitude and distance.”

The study said the Transportation Safety Board ruled the incident as “a near collision with an unidentified airborne object.”

Close encounter cases are in the minority, but high on the strangeness scale.

Those included a man in Cornwall, P.E.I., who reported that a thin, six-foot-tall, long-fingered white alien in a black suit spoke to him in his bedroom before leaving by walking through a wall.

A man in Lanaudiere, Que., said he was transported into a field of plants and plunged into a bathtub “where he was surrounded by three green, big-eyed humanoid creatures who communicated with him telepathically.”

Not all close encouters are so dramatic, however. One person in Tecumseh, Ont., reported that an alien stole his sunglasses and belt, while someone from Rimouski, Que., filed a report which read simply: “They contacted me!”

Source: CTV News

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