PRG seeking funds for Disclosure

PRG seeking funds for Disclosure

"This funding effort is in service to every citizen of every nation now convinced the world should not wait one more day for confirmation we are not alone is this universe. For 70 years this truth has been embargoed by your government. After 20 years of engagement of the issue, I know this embargo can end soon with your help." Stephen Basset, Executive Director

PRG (Paradigm Research Group / PRG International) was established in July of 1996 by Stephen Bassett, a political activist and consultant, to advocate in all ways possible for Disclosure – the formal acknowledgment by the heads of state of nations of the extraterrestrial presence.

PRG’s advocacy work has been extensively covered by national and international media.

This funding campaign will help ensure PRG can keep the pressure on the media to engage the politics of Disclosure throughout 2017.

It will also allow PRG to establish a permanent office in Washington, DC, seek professional speaker representation, make contact with officials in European countries, develop video media for use in the Disclosure advocacy movement, built up the Exopolitics World Network and United States Network, and consolidate, redesign and update PRG’s many websites and Facebook pages.

On May 28, 2017 during an interview on CBS 60 Minutes billionaire space engineer, Robert Bigelow, spoke truth to power. He stated unequivocally there is an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. When asked if he was concerned what people might think of that statement, he replied, “I don’t give a damn.” PRG salutes Mr. Bigelow and asks, “Who will join him?”


Key Background Info

Between April 2013 and January 2017 PRG was able to generate unprecedented political coverage of the ET issue within the context of the presidential campaign of Secretary Hillary Clinton. At the center of the political story was the Clinton/ET connection that began with the Rockefeller Initiative (1993-1996).

The larger effort began with the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure – April 29 – May 3, 2013.

This was followed by a Political/Congressional Hearing Initiative that began on November 5, 2014. This initiative generated 500+ English language articles in main stream print media and hundreds more foreign language articles. Under great pressure from a number of reporters Secretary Clinton, President Clinton, John Podesta and even President Obama made statements in both print and television venues on twelve occasions during the presidential campaign. This was unprecedented.

By November of 2016 PRG was in a source relationship with 37 journalists including two Pulitzer Prize winners. All were receiving real time updates from PRG and wrote many articles on the Clinton/ET/Rockefeller Initiative connection.

Few know just how close we came to forcing Disclosure from the White House in 2016. Had Clinton won the election, enormous media pressure would have confronted her with demands to follow up on her ET related statements.

That did not happen, and now we have a new administration with new priorities. This funding campaign will ensure PRG can adjust to new strategies to ultimately bring the White House and the Pentagon to the table to work out the necessary understanding allowing  Disclosure.

Since 1996 Paradigm Research Group has been exclusively devoted to the Disclosure advocacy process seeking an end to the government imposed truth embargo on the extraterrestrial reality. PRG has:

— lobbied the U.S. Congress, the White House and political media
— produced six exopolitics conferences in the Washington, DC area including
one at the National Press Club.
— produced a mock congressional hearing (Citizen Hearing on Disclosure) at the
National Press Club
— followed up the CHD with a political initiative  that almost forced a presidential
candidate to trigger a truth embargo breaking media storm.
— established a working relationship with scores of MSM reporters.
— help generate thousands of print/Internet articles
— garnered coverage in hundreds of media articles .
— given over 1200 media interviews
— presented at scores of conferences in the U.S.
— contributed to twenty documentaries
— set up the Exopolitics United States Network

[Note: This funding campaign is being conducted in conjunction with Coast to Coast AM with George Noory – the most listened to late night talk program in America. For the past 25 years Coast to Coast AM has provided a platform for researchers, activists, contactees, and witnesses to inform the American people of the most important issue in the world today – the extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.]

Important Notice
: Paradigm Research Group is not set up as a non-profit in order to maximize its range of political advocacy options and diminish its vulnerability. Consequently, direct contributions to PRG are not tax deductible. Contributions from corporations and citizens of any nation are permissible.

Go to the GoFundMe page: End the ET Truth Embargo

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