Is this a UFO spotted over Cornwall?

Is it a bird, is it a plane, or has a UFO been spotted in the skies above Cornwall?

Well that’s what one man thinks may have been caught on camera above Penryn.

Myles Stockdale was on Google Maps when he noticed the strange blob in the sky.

And when he zooms in – the object looks pretty strange.

Myles posted on Facebook: “Just discovered this on Google maps. Possible UFO sighting above Penryn. Go check it out for yourselves.”

He added: “Not sure what to think about this. This video wasn’t edited in any way apart from the theme tune.”

So what are your thoughts? UFO? Or just a glitch?

Last year, it was thought that two UFOs might have been caught on camera above Liskeard.

Alan Kingwell was in his garden filming the clouds in time lapse at the end of August.

When he watched the footage back he noticed something rather strange in the sky – two black blobs that don’t move at all.

The clouds can be seen whizzing past but the odd shapes just linger in the same spot… curious.

Alan said: “I filmed for over a hour of the same bit of sky on full zoom as I just wanted the clouds in the film and not the trees in the foreground.

“On playback I noticed two dark shapes which were not moving, this was even more noticeable as the clouds were moving fast in time lapse.

“At first I assumed it was something on the lens or a fault with the camera.

“But it only happened on a certain part of the sky and at one point they disappeared behind a small cloud.”

Source: PirateFM

David Aragorn

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