Mystery of Peruvian fireballs finally explained (VIDEO)

Mystery of Peruvian fireballs finally explained (VIDEO)

Peruvian scientists have finally unravelled the mystery behind the fireballs that lit up the night sky as they fell to Earth last month.

On January 27, locals in southern Peru altered the Peruvian Air Force (FAP) to pieces of burning debris falling through the sky, and reported seeing strong rays of light and intense noises akin to an earthquake or a plane travelling faster than the speed of sound.

A total of five mysterious round objects, one with a Ukrainian script engraved on its surface, were all later discovered in the Puno region near the Bolivian border.

The Director of Astrophysics at the National Commission of Aerospace Research and Development (CONIDA), Walter Guevara, revealed in an interview from his headquarters that the baffling fireballs are in fact parts of a satellite that broke-up upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Scientists believe the bizarre artifacts are simply fuel or pressure tanks and, even with the inscription in Ukrainian, further work is needed to determine exactly where the space junk originated from.

None of the known objects caused any significant damage or injuries upon landing.


David Aragorn

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