Bigfoot spotted? Bloke left TERRIFIED after discovering ape-like creature roaming forest

FOOTAGE has emerged that proves the folklore legend Bigfoot is real and alive, according to wild claims online.

The video was captured by Ross Roberts, who was trekking through the woods of Canada when he noticed something was not right.

He revealed how he heard footsteps before noticing a dark figure lurking behind a tree.

Despite being terrified, Ross still managed to pull out his camera and capture some footage.

But the video then shows the moment he was spooked and decided to leg it as quickly as possible.

Bigfoot spotted in Canadian forest


BIGFOOT? The bizarre footage was captured in a Canadian forest

“This is the most convincing evidence yet”

YouTube viewer

A close-up reveals an ape-like structure that appears to be creeping behind the tree.

It was uploaded to YouTube channel Sonny Vator on June 4, where it has received more than 36,000 hits already.

And viewers were convinced it is proof the Yeti lives.

One comment read: “Omg wow, that is the real face of Bigfoot.”

Another added: “This is the most convincing evidence yet.”

And a third claimed: “Surprised you managed to get such good footage – that is creepy.”

But it’s not the first time these type of claims have surfaced.

We saw similar scenes back in February when a bizarre animal was spotted in a forest.

And two months later, outrageous claims were made that the beast may have made its way to Europe.

Source: Daily Star

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