Nick Pope Drafts Protocol Plan For Alien Contact

Nick Pope Drafts Protocol Plan For Alien Contact

Former UK Ministry of Defense employee Nick Pope, who investigated cases of alien sightings, has drafted a protocol plan for Governments when alien contact is finally made in the future.

Last month Nick Pope stated that the world governments are massively underprepared for the arrival of alien life.

Nick Pope has prepared a draft of protocols for the eventual contact of extraterrestrial life.

Mr. Pope says that the best strategical planning needs to be considered for the probability of contact with alien life. This involves everything from the discovery of microbial bacteria to intelligent designs in radio signals.

The UFO expert contacted the Express to showcase his five-page contingency plan for extraterrestrial contact.

He believes the failure of the Apollo missions has created a disillusioned image of humanity’s goal to reach for the stars.

You can see the five-page alien protocol plan below.

Protocols for alien contact

The idea of spending money to venture into space may seem absurd to some people, however, it truly is the next step for mankind’s evolvement.

Many skeptics and conspiracy theorists have pondered the age-old question: “Are we alone in the Universe?”

The statistics indicate the chances of our world being the only one to develop intelligent life is improbable. Therefore, a strategical plan must be put into place for the huge possibility when alien sightings become more frequent.

Nick Pope Alien Protocol Plan
Nick Pope alien protocol plan for extraterrestrial contact.
Page 2 alien protocol
Nick Pope alien protocol plan for extraterrestrial contact, page 2.

Previously Nick had made statements that the failure to prepare for alien contact was a big mistake.

This is the reason why he has taken it upon himself to put forward a drafted version of steps to follow should such an event occur in the near future.

Nick Pope protocol for aliens
Page 3 of Nick Pope’s protocol for contact with alien life.

The dangers of space may be something people are unaware of, states Nick Pope.

The likelihood that we will finally discover the answer to “are we alone?” may be closer than people expect.

According to Nick, there are three scenarios in which the discovery of extraterrestrial life will be made.

Nick Pope protocol draft
Nick Pope’s protocol draft for extraterrestrial contact, page 4.

The first will be the discovery of microbial life on alien planets such as Mars, Venus, or on extraterrestrial moons.

The other two require the discovery of advanced alien civilizations sending radio signals into space.

Nick Pope alien plan
Page 5 of Nick Pope’s alien plan.

The above five-page document belongs to Nick Pope and was sourced from the Express.


Alien Protocol Plan

Nick Pope’s “The Discovery or Detection of Extraterrestrial Life” is not the first proposed protocol plan to deal with alien visitations to Earth.

Our own alien news writer and researcher Michael Halsall is currently writing a book called “You Can’t Spell ‘Alien’ Without ‘A Lie’” in which he outlines the protocols by governments in place for the contact of alien life.

Alien contact may be imminent and we must prepare for their arrival. Image credit: Ancient Code.

The likes of the “Declaration of Principles Concerning the Conduct of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence” outlines eight steps to follow after alien life has been discovered.

Although the German government recently made claims that it has no alien protocols in place for such an event, Nick Pope says he would be surprised if most world governments don’t already have procedures to follow.

Source: UFO News Alien

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