Was a sighting in the North a UFO or a plane?

Was a sighting in the North a UFO or a plane?

A couple in the North are wondering if they saw a UFO just before dawn Wednesday.

Wayne Galloway and his wife live in a remote spot 70 air miles north of La Ronge and spied a glowing object heading slowly east around 8:45 a.m.

“I can’t imagine what the heck it was,” Galloway told paNOW.” It looked almost like it had a tail of fire on it, like something blew up in the sky.”

He said they watched it slowly traverse the pre-dawn sky until it disappeared over the horizon.

“With the rising sun on it it looked orange; really a strange looking thing and I’ve never seen anything like that before,” he said.

Galloway did not take an image of the object but insists he knows enough about the night sky not to have confused it with a meteor, or passing satellite or aircraft.

“It wasn’t normal; it had some length to it and it wasn’t like a contrail from an aircraft,” he said.

However, the fact that the object moved slowly across the sky and just before sunrise makes a UFO expert figure it was indeed the contrail of an aircraft at altitude.

“A jet contrail can look like a large comet in the sky depending on angle, atmospheric conditions, altitude and where the sun is,” science writer and ufologist, Chris Rutkowski, told paNOW from Winnipeg. “It seems to be some sort of terrestrial object rather than extra-terrestrial.”

However Rutkoswki said he’d like to hear from anyone else who may have witnessed things, especially given it was visible for many minutes.

“It would be interesting to get additional observations; you’d think there may have been more people around who could back this [sighting] up.”

He added the Galloway’s are not alone in reporting strange matters in the sky.

“The typical UFO sighting is usually two people together, long enough for one person to give the other a nudge and say ‘did you just see what I saw?’ Also 10 per cent of all Canadians believe they’ve seen UFO’s, so this couple is in very good company indeed.”

The nice thing about Rutkowski’s passion for UFO’s is that he’s always prepared to take potential sightings seriously and he catalogues them nationwide.

You can report a sighting to:canadianuforeport@hotmail.com

Source: PANOW.com

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