A DNA Harvest

Hypnotic regression reveals an ongoing alien presence interacting with humans. What is their agenda?

Millions of people claim to have been abducted by aliens. In North America that represents 4% of the population. That’s 13-million people, or more than everyone living in New York City. While many of them are written-off as being delusional, key similarities between the accounts of these Contactees or Experiencers and the results of polygraph and other tests, mean their stories cannot be dismissed or trivialized as fantasy.

Some remember enough of their experience to give a fragmented account of what happened to them. Others have flashbacks that they can’t quite piece together. Many of them experience complete memory loss and the only clue as to what happened to them are the unusual marks on their bodies, or strange implants under their skin.

Hypnotic regression has been used with many victims to unlock their abduction episode. Their accounts while under hypnosis are shocking; they literally ‘relive’ their experiences, and what they reveal is emotionally unnerving.

In this new series that I created and directed, some of the most respected researchers and regression experts in the field of alien investigation work with Contactees to explore the possibility of an ongoing alien presence interacting with humans. Do these intimately personal encounters suggest a much larger alien agenda for ultimate Contact?

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Sid Goldberg

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