The UFO Detective

Detective Heseltine’s evidential examination of the best UFO cases. Would they stand up in a court of law?

Detective Constable Gary Heseltine is The UFO DETECTIVE. He “works” UFO cases with the same rigor and exacting standards he would apply in a criminal investigation. We follow as he investigates the 3% of evidence in UFO sightings that he believes are “credible” (the other 97% is easy to discredit, claims Helseltine). In these cases, physical evidence from radar tapes, telemetry data, videotapes and groud trace evidence is supported by testimony from highly credible witnesses: fellow cops and soldiers. DC Heseltine collects firsthand experiences from police officers, Military, Air Force, and Navy personnel, commercial pilots, and other distinguished professionals; skeptical, sharp minded individuals whose inclination is to doubt, disbelieve, and to dismiss “other worldy” experiences.

DC Heseltine’s first UFO encounter occurred when he was 15 in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. He was out on a stroll with a girlfriend when he noticed a strange object moving soundlessly in the sky above them; every neighborhood the object hovered over lost power until the mysterious object moved on. Parents and friends told him “it was nothing”, but Heseltine never forgot this sighting. He worked for two decades as a cop in the UK, all the while maintaining a data base of UFO sightings by fellow law enforcement officers. Now that he’s retired he can pursue these cases with his full and rigorous attention.

Each one-hour episode features three UFO cases. The A story focuses on high profile UFO sightings that have been featured in popular media. DC Heseltine examines the evidence, interviews witnesses and sees if these sightings can withstand his scrutiny. The B and C stories feature accounts culled from Heseltine’s database, PRUFOS, which features over 400 cases involving 900 UK police officers with experiences dating back to 1901.

With his pragmatic, boots-on-the-ground approach, we follow DC Heseltine as he builds his case. From the ‘crime scene’, to his briefing room where he pieces together all the bits of evidence, including new eye-witness accounts and documents he’s uncovered, forensic evidence and expert testimony, we’ll watch him put together an unshakable case. This is not a reconstruction of events, this is an examination and investigation of compelling evidence by a trained investigator.

With its unique mix of sci-fi and police procedural, this show will prove the truth is out there because DC Heseltine will find it.

Sid Goldberg

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