UFO Caught On Video – Joshua Tree, CA

90-degree turn at speeds significantly faster than the plane we were tracking.

Contact In The Desert 2015 in Joshua Tree California was a powerfully inspiring event this year attracting the most respected authors, researchers and lecturers from the field of the high strangeness.

Approximately 2000 people gathered for 4-days and nights to explore and discuss themes of ET contact, the origins of humankind, and spiritual alignment through a variety of mindful practices.

On the evening of Sunday, May 31st at 10:12pm under the starry night sky during a meditation led by James Gilliland, a friend invited me to look through his night-vision goggles (Generation 3). He attached my iPhone to the viewfinder and we looked at a variety of stars, two passing planes, and other twinkling objects.

When I returned home and downloaded the videos to my computer I noticed something fly through the frame making a strong 90-degree turn at a speed significantly faster than the flashing plane we were tracking.

At the 12-second mark a small flying object comes into the frame at the 12-o’clock position, flies towards 3-o’clock, and then abruptly turns heading over to the 8-o’clock position at an outrageously quick rate of acceleration while we were reframing the image to better track the very slow moving, eastbound plane.

What we captured on camera, I believe, is an Unidentified Flying Object. What do you think?

* View in 1080 HD

Sid Goldberg

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