Secret Space Program Whistleblower, Bob Lazar

Secret Space Program Whistleblower, Bob Lazar

“People ask Bob, do you think it was disinformation? But the information is so extensive that it just seems inconceivable that someone could have made this up.”

Secret Space Program Whistleblower, Bob Lazar, from the 1990’s: Element 115, ET History of the Human Race, Dr. Michael Salla Analysis

The following is a compilation of three articles related to the testimony of insider and whistleblower Bob Lazar. I also included a documentary and interview of him from the early 1990’s.


As with other insiders of this type, I make no claim of his authenticity.

Lazar came forward to a Los Vegas TV station in 1989, claiming to have worked for the then little-known Area 51.

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Lazar alleges to have developed antigravity propulsion devices by reverse engineering extraterrestrial spacecraft in the possession of the military-industrial complex. He says he developed a fuel for alien reproduction vehicles being worked on at the facility, having the atomic number 115, which was able to bend space and time around the craft. This technology enabled a vehicle to travel faster than light, moving across vast distances in only a few minutes.

Lazar also claims to have a connection to Majestic clearance, connected to a well-known high-level multinational group called the Majestic 12.

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In the second article in this compilation, there is an excerpt from an interview transcript between Bob Lazar, Gene Huff, Michael Lindemann, Ralph Steiner, and an anonymous physicist, discussing a peculiar book Lazar encountered during his time at the facility. It was apparently made of a tough mylar-like material with 3D images, containing a history of the human race and an extraterrestrial civilization called Reticulum four.

The book also makes references to “containers,” apparently the word used to describe human beings. Lazar wasn’t interested in these mind-blowing aspects of the book so much as the technology and science it had to offer. The work was so fantastic in its claims, Lazar says that he was unsure what to make of it. Here’s what he had to say:

BL: “I hate to repeat this stuff. I say this every time I mention it, because I have no other proof it’s true, other than the fact that I read it; and I always follow that up by saying, yes, everything I read about the propulsion system turned out to be fact. But it’s really far-fetched, and even though I did work with alien technology on flying saucers, I still find it difficult to come to grips with the physical alien thing in itself. But as far as where that came from, yes, there was a book that was almost like a history of the development of the human race. It was written from a different point of view. I don’t think that particular thing had a title to it. But that’s where we were referred to as ‘containers.’ Any time the word ‘human’ came up, it was always replaced with the word ‘containers.’ Earth was referred to as Sol 3 instead of earth. It was a strangely written report.”

Lazar’s testimony correlates to another insider and whistleblower, Corey Goode.

Goode’s testimony is vast, but in one particular account, he says that at a gathering of human-like extraterrestrials, 22 different cases were presented from groups claiming to have created the human race. Here is an excerpt from some of Goode’s testimony in this respect:

“In just one of the “UN Type Federations” that was the Human Types of “Off World” Beings Only there were 22 Groups with 22 competing Claims of creating the “Current Human Species”.

It was all quite confusing for the scientists as all of them had offered scientific proof of their genetic coding and manipulation. It was obvious that there was a base humanoid being that had been augmented genetically for many thousands of years by many groups (Much more than the 22 present at this one Conference, Some were Off World Groups that were said to “Not Exist Anymore”).” – Source

Quite possibly one of the groups mentioned by Goode is the same group responsible for producing the book discussed by Lazar.

Lazar’s testimony regarding the development of advanced military craft or alien reproduction vehicles also sounds very similar to the plot of season 10 of the X-files.

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Finally, Dr. Michael Salla produced a scientific analysis of Lazar’s claims in regard to element 115, the alleged fuel source for antigravity spacecraft. Dr.Salla details the evidence to suggesting the fuel source is real, as well as addressing some of Lazar’s critics.

Lazar’s testimony remains a pillar in the field of Ufology, and has recently been bolstered by accounts from other insiders, such as Goode mentioned above, but also William Tomkins.

Tomkins claims to have worked with extraterrestrials in the secret space program, developing large cigar-shaped alien reproduction vehicles sighted by thousands of people over the years.

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Here is an interview documentary of Lazar from the 1990’s.

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Source – The Event ChronicleBob Lazar—The Man Who Dared Spill the Beans About Alien Technology and Area S4

This is the fascinating story of the man who worked for the most secret US governmental facility involving alien crafts and otherworldly technology and dared to spill the beans about it.

In 1989, a man named Robert Scott Lazar contacted a local Las Vegas TV station (KLAS) asking for a chance to make his story public. Lazar claimed he had been employed as a physicist on project Galileo, the government’s most highly classified project at the time. The activity focused on reverse-engineering of alien technology so that the government could put it to good use, and studies were carried out at a top-secret base dubbed S4, located 10 miles (16 kilometers) south of the notorious Area 51, near the Papoose lake.

According to Lazar’s description, the S4 facility had nine aircraft hangars embedded into the mountain. The hangar doors were designed at an angle matching the mountain slope and were also cloaked using natural material.

Lazar claims he had seen nine different alien vehicles at the base during December 1988 and April 1989 when he worked there, and he presented technical details regarding their propulsion mechanism which functioned on amplified gravity waves generated by a reactor placed on the bottom of the craft.

His activity included researching the fuel for the craft, a compound with the atomic number ‘115.’ This element had unusual properties that allowed the flying saucers to bend space around them, and it couldn’t be synthetized on earth. This alien technology allowed for point A and point B to be dragged together, thus reducing the traveling distances to a few minutes flight regardless of the distance.

I am exactly sure of what I saw. I know what mainstream science is like, I know where physics stands–I know all of that–and this is an extraterrestrial craft, this technology is hundreds and hundreds of years in advance of us, and that’s the end of that story, Bob Lazar stated.

Lazar allegedly received briefings regarding the history of extraterrestrials on Earth for the past 100,000 years from aliens who originated from the forth planet of the binary stellar system Zeta Reticuli 2, the ones known as ‘greys’. He also claimed to have worked on a flying disk with a diameter of 9 to 12 meters. The craft had a commanding console and the seats were small, almost as befit for children.

After he went public, his life was put at risk as he got shot once and received countless threats from different groups of interest and shady individuals.

Television journalist George Knapp was intrigued by Bob Lazar’s story and so he went after more information. Unfortunately, the S4 base was out of reach since it was located on restricted ground where no one outside of the government could step in. After digging deeper into this enigmatic story, Knapp encountered even more problems that almost led him to a dead end.

Bob Lazar’s background has been difficult to verify. His hospital birth records, college manuscripts and employment evidence had all been erased and there is no evidence of him working at the Los Alamos National Laboratories. However, his name appeared in a telephone directory of Los Alamos scientists and a picture of him appeared in the July 1982 edition of the Los Alamos Monitor, showing a picture of Bob standing by a jet car and referring to his employment as a scientist with Los Alamos.

Bob Lazar offers a consistent amount of evidence supporting his assertions and he has since gained many followers. To them, Lazar is a very credible source with a strong background in physics and engineering. However, there are many skeptics who think the entire scenario is an act played out by Lazar in order to personally benefit from it.

Whatever his reasons, Lazar played a key role in propelling Area 51 to the notoriety it has today, despite being a top-secret facility. If we consider the extreme level of secrecy involving this governmental facility, it’s easy to link the disappearance of his life records to the interests of keeping Area 51 as an almost inexistent facility.

If Lazar is correct and also telling the truth, his testimony might be the single most descriptive account of what is going on right under our noses.

Source – Biblioteca Pleyades

Bob Lazar
Beloved Blue Brother & Renegade S4 Physicist 
Bob Lazar: the Holy Blue Mage And His Strange, Strange Book

Lazar on his S-4 security clearance badge:

“It was a white badge. It has a light BLUE and a dark BLUE diagonal stripe through it. On the top it says MAJ12, but the clearance level is MAJEstic. My picture was on it.”

Following, then, is an excerpt from the book “UFOs and the Alien Presence” (1991 by Michael Lindemann ISBN 0-9630104-0-9). It is from an interview with this Holy S-4 Mage & Physicist, Bob Lazar.

BL = Bob Lazar
GH = Gene Huff
ML = Michael Lindemann
PH = An anonymous physicist
RS = Ralph Steiner

RS: “Bob, you said you read in the document room some rather strange references to human evolution and the aliens’ role in human genetics. How did that come up, in what context? What was it you saw?”

BL: “I hate to repeat this stuff. I say this every time I mention it, because I have no other proof it’s true, other than the fact that I read it; and I always follow that up by saying, yes, everything I read about the propulsion system turned out to be fact. But it’s really far-fetched, and even though I did work with alien technology on flying saucers, I still find it difficult to come to grips with the physical alien thing in itself. But as far as where that came from, yes, there was a book that was almost like a history of the development of the human race. It was written from a different point of view. I don’t think that particular thing had a title to it. But that’s where we were referred to as ‘containers.’ Any time the word ‘human’ came up, it was always replaced with the word ‘containers.’ Earth was referred to as Sol 3 instead of earth. It was a strangely written report.”

ML: “What do you think the word ‘containers’ referred to?”

BL: “That referred to people. Now, containers of what, I don’t know. You can speculate on that until you turn BLUE.”

ML: “This book you’re referring to — are you saying this book was of alien origin?”

: “I’ll tell you exactly how it looked. It was certainly odd, in that it was written from another point of view. It was like a history book of us, like someone had been looking at the earth and written a brief history of what had happened, and how everything living here looked, so on and so forth. If you remember the old Collier’s encyclopedias, in the section on anatomy they had the clear pages that you could turn, and there’s the circulatory system, the organs, and so forth. OK. This was one of the most fascinating things in the briefings, other than the information itself. As you turned the page — it would be a picture of, for instance, an old adobe house — and as you moved the page up, you’d see through the different levels of the house, almost like those little 3-D things you bend and see different views, but it was very smooth and clear, much higher resolution. I’d just never seen anything like that. I don’t know if it actually exists anywhere, or if we’re talking about something of alien origin, but as you turn the page, you can see the superstructure, and then down to the wood itself, then the foundation. There again, there were no references to people. Everything was ‘containers.'”

ML: “But it was clear from the context that the word container referred to people? [BL: Right.] What kinds of things did they say about the people? Did they talk about how people behave, what the historical development was?”

BL: “What they were talking about was the desirability of containers, and that the containers were not damaged. Now, people speculate on containers. Are they talking about containers of souls, something bizarre like that; or is it the opposite? Is the container the soul, and it contains the body? That’s too far out really for me to grasp, but they were talking about the preservation of the containers, and how unique they are. Extremely, extremely unique…”

GH: “That life like ours was very difficult to find.”

BL: “Very difficult to find.”

BL: “By the way, the book, if flipped over, is two books put together. One’s upside down. This way, it’s kind of the basic history of earth. You flip it over and read it the other way, and it has to do with Reticulum Four, as they called it, which dealt with the alien civilization.”

ML: “So that book contained, in effect, a history of the earth from an alien perspective. Is that correct? [BL: Right.] And then, on the other hand, an alleged history and perspective on Reticulum Four, which presumably is the planet that these…”

BL: “Right, that’s as stated in the book. But of course, I can’t attest to the validity of the information in there. Unfortunately, when I first opened the book the way it was sitting, and was playing with the pages and the drawings in there, it was some time before I realized it had to do with a lot of the alien civilization. Maybe I could have learned a lot more there.

“Still, on top of all that, even with photographs of autopsies and aliens, that was certainly NOT what I was interested in. Yes, it’s fascinating and awe-inspiring, but I really wanted hardware.”

GH: “People ask Bob, do you think it was disinformation? But the information is so extensive that it just seems inconceivable that someone could have made this up.”

ML: “The photographs sound rather difficult to reproduce, except by some odd technology.”

BL: “Having a photo lab, that’s what intrigued me and why I played with it for so long.”

ML: “Had you ever seen anything like that? Are you aware of anything that can do that?”

BL: “No, it was like a Mylar-based page, and it was almost a clear section where the picture was. It changed, but it didn’t change in steps, like most diffraction-grating, 3-D looking pictures do.”

PH: “How do you feel, emotionally speaking, with the fairly certain knowledge that extra-terrestrial beings are out there, and they’ve visited the earth, and they’re probably still coming around, and so on. Does it bother you at all?”

BL: “No, it’s the only thing that makes sense. It takes a lot of the confusion out of things. A lot more knits together, and now things begin to make complete sense.”

Source – Biblioteca Pleyades

Bob Lazar
Element 115 – Massive Stars – Heavy Metals
by Michael E. Salla, PhDMay 21, 2005
from Exopolitics Website
I wish to focus on some recent scientific advances that vindicate some of the information that Bob Lazar provided from his alleged experiences at S4, and respond to some of his critics.
The most important criticism concerned Lazar’s initial claim in 1989 of the existence of a stable form of element 115. The existence of such an element was initially dismissed by some of his critics and became a factor in Lazar not being taken seriously.
For example Stanton Friedman wrote in 1997:
“There is no evidence that any 115 has been created anywhere. Based on what we know about all other elements over #100, it would certainly have been radioactive with a short half life, and 500 pounds could not have been accumulated. His scheme sounds good, but makes no real sense especially in view of how difficult it would be to add protons to #115.”
However, in February 2004 scientists announced that they were able to reproduce an isotope of 115 in a laboratory, and said that a stable isotope is possible.
Dr Joshua Patin, one of the creators of the 115 isotope, confirmed in an interview with Linda Moulton Howe that with sufficient technological advances, the creation of a stable form of 115 is possible:
“[Howe:] Could there be an element 115 isotope that is solid and can be held in the hand?
[Dr Patin:] “Some day down the road, I think so. If it’s true that we find something that is long enough lived. To hold something in your hand, you would need a significant quantity of these atoms. We’ve produced four atoms of Element 115 in a month. It would take you don’t have enough time in the rest of the universe to create enough that you could hold in your hand through these same kinds of production methods (that we are using).
That’s why I say a future technology might allow us advances in terms of how much can be produced and the target material, maybe a better way of producing but somewhere down the road, there might be a possibility, sure.
More info HERE
As to how element 115 is formed, Lazar claimed it is formed in massive stars. In an article he wrote:
“[M]any single star solar systems have stars that are so large that our Sun would appear to be a dwarf by comparison. Keeping all this is mind, it should be obvious that a large, single star system, binary star system, or multiple star system would have had more of the prerequisite mass and electromagnetic energy present during their creations.
Scientists have long theorized that there are potential combinations of protons and neutrons which should provide stable elements with atomic numbers being higher than any which appear on our periodic chart, though none of these heavy elements occur naturally on earth.” 
Lazar’s idea that element 115 is formed in stars led to more criticism this time by astronomers and physicists that Lazar was incorrect since stars could not produce heavy metals with atomic numbers greater than iron (atomic number 26) in stable stars.
This criticism was raised by Dr David Morgan in 1996 whose critique was kindly sent to me by Stanton Friedman.
Dr Morgan says:
“[Lazar] SEEMS to be suggesting that his element 115, the alien fuel source, which doesn’t exist on the Earth, should be present in those solar systems that were more massive at their inception. The implication here is that a star system which condensed out of a more massive primordial cloud should have a greater abundance of heavier elements.
This is quite incorrect. Heavy elements – all elements heavier than iron – are not formed during the normal life cycles of stars. The only time when these nuclei are “cooked” is during the collapse and subsequent explosion of supernovae.
The supernova explosion then spreads heavy elements throughout the galaxy. For this reason, the abundances of heavy elements in any particular star system depend NOT upon the properties of the current star, but on the properties of the nearby stars of the PREVIOUS GENERATION!
Therefore, all of the star systems in a particular region of the galaxy will have essentially the same abundances of heavy elements, regardless of the mass of star. If element 115 is STABLE, asLazar claims it to be, then it should be created in supernova explosions and it should exist EVERYWHERE!”
Dr Morgan’s criticism of Lazar is not supported by recent breakthroughs in understanding the formation of heavy metals in stars.
It has been discovered for example that heavy metals with higher atomic numbers than iron (26) can and are found in stars in their normal cycle rather than just through supernova which was the ‘old understanding’.
A NASA astronomer reflecting on this new theory answers a question concerning the existence of heavy metals with higher atomic metals forming in massive stars and answers:
“it does not require a supernova to create elements heavier than iron. Heavy elements can also form in the cores of massive stars before they go supernova”.
This new theory has been recently confirmed with the recent discovery of three massive stars that have ‘lead’ (atomic number 82) in them:
“The theory has now been supported by data from the three binary, or “double” stars, studied by French and Belgian astronomers using the European Southern Observatory 3.6 meter telescope at La Silla, Chile.
Each star, which is otherwise light in metal, contains an amount of lead weighing the same as the Moon.
The process by which some stars develop high concentration of heavy metals such as lead towards the end of their lives is called the ‘slow fusion’ or ‘s-process’ and is described as follows:
“The high abundance of Lead in these otherwise low-metallicity stars also provides detailed clues on how the s-process operates inside the AGB stars. When a Carbon-13 nucleus (i.e. a nucleus with 6 protons and 7 neutrons) is hit by a Helium-4 nucleus (2 protons and 2 neutrons), they fuse to form Oxygen-16 (8 protons and 8 neutrons).
In this process – as can be seen by adding the numbers – one neutron is released. It is exactly these surplus neutrons that become the building-blocks for making heavier elements via the s-process.”
It is estimated that half of all metals heavier than iron are caused by supernova explosions where these are rapidly formed through nuclear fusion (r-process) and the other half in stable stars with low metallicity that slowly build up heavy metals in a more gentle fusion process.
The new understanding of the formation of heavy metals in stars and discovery of large quantities of lead in some stars basically negates Dr Morgan’s criticism and shows that Lazar’s idea that some massive stars in the normal stellar cycle may have element 115 developed in them is a very real possibility. 
What are the exopolitical implications of this given Lazar’s claims that extraterrestrials use 115 for their propulsion systems?
If element 115 is naturally formed in the core of some massive stars and element 115 is used in the propulsion system of extraterrestrial races, then it would be fair to assume that some extraterrestrials may have discovered how to mine stars of their heavy elements to use as a propulsion fuel.
Indeed, extraterrestrials with sufficient knowledge in mining suns of element 115 and other elements may be using this as part of an interstellar trade. Indeed, such knowledge and possession of large quantities of 115 and other elements may lead to interstellar conflicts over certain star systems.
Indeed, the Earth’s sun or nearby stars may have heavy elements that may attract extraterrestrial races who seek to mine these precious natural resources. We are now slowly moving to an understanding of how certain star systems might be highly prized by extraterrestrial races that seek to gain control and mine stars of heavy elements such as element 115.
With new advances in physics and astronomy, Bob Lazar‘s information so widely dismissed in the early 1990’s appears to have more relevance than ever.


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