Family Spots Bigfoot Running Down Bald Mountain

Family Spots Bigfoot Running Down Bald Mountain

"We were the only ones there. We didn't talk about it because we didn't want to scare the kid's, but I was a little freeked out about the whole ordeal."

We were camping up in the Uwintas in August 2014. I’m sure of the exact day,it was a weekend just before school was to start up again .My Husband and our five Grandkids. We were camping right next to bald mountain about 250 yards.Their were a few other camp sites occupied also.We went up on a thrusday.We decided to just sit around and relax a bit.It was about 2:00 pm .We had grabbed a sandwich on the way up so we were all going to go for a hike.My husband said everyone do a bathroom break. So he went into the shower/ towlet tent we had set up.And me and the kids were just sitting in some chairs by a firepit .Then my thirteen year old granddaughter said look at that running on the hill.I looked up and I saw what I thought was a large man in a black jogging suit with a hoodie sort of jogging down a incline .I called to my husband that something must have happened, a man was running down this steep trail,And maybe someone was hurt.Well it started to rain ,and we didn\’t have the tent set up yet.So me and the kids went inside our utility trailer .We were watching this what I thought was a person,He was still going down this ridge.My husband was still unavailable, and getting annoyed at me for telling him to come look. Then the grandkids were all fighting to look out the door and to spot whatever was going on.It was at that moment I realized what we were watching, when my granddaughter started getting scared and said he\’s watching us.So I turned back to the hill and I saw this figure watching us.It just stood there looking back at us.And then after a few minutes it looked like it had just sat down.I was watching it and trying to get the kids to settle down ,it had stopped raining and I  decided to try and spot it with a telescope we had taken out and covered to look at the stars later that night. That wasn’t going to work,everything was a blur. And of course we didn\’t pack any burnoculars.Anyway me and the girls were a little uneasy so we slept in the utility trailer on air mattresses.My husband slept on hameck and the there boys slept in their tent .I still was very unsure of what we saw,but I didn\’t sleep well that night.The next day we got up and we were the only campsite there.Which we thought was strange because it was only Friday. Anyway we weren\’t sure if we had to pay for the campsite, and when we drove up there weren\’t any evelopes to drop the money in.So my husband and one of the boys wentdown the road about twelve to pay.As they came back up the road they saw hundreds of people on the mountain ridge with cameras.When I saw some hikers on the same ridge, I knew it wasn\’t a regular person we had been watching the day before.He was twice as tall and even his thighs were enormous compared to these other hikers. So we decided it was time to go find another campsite elsewhere down the mountain. And so we did .Funny thing was we set camp and slept and when we woke up all the five or more of the campsites had got up early and left.We were the only ones there.We didn\’t talk about it because we didn\’twant to scar the kid\’s, but I  was a little freeked out about the whole ordeal.  So we stayed one more night and came home.We didn\’t go camping at all the next year.We went last year to the other side of bald mountain. It was a lot quieter.I only know I will not go camping or hiking with out my bonoculars again.

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