UFO turns off wind turbines in Poland – video

What is interesting to observe is that the wind turbines in the background continued to spin.

Every so often there is a very intriguing UFO / UAP capture on video that does not shout, CGI!

First video: Original featured video

Second video: Analysis of the strange event.

This Youtube is from Poland and the video was recorded April 17, 2016 near the small village of Majdan, in the upper region of Lublin.

According to witnesses, the unknown spherical object came flying from the east and flew over the area for about an hour, hovering between two wind turbines, seemingly stopping the turbines from turning, before the object flew off. What is interesting to observe is that the wind turbines in the background continued to spin.

If someone saw this object, or objects in the vicinity of this village, please contact EarthMysteryNews.com or comment below.

Source: Youtube friends at Group obserwacyjna
Sid Goldberg

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  • Kevin
    May 21, 2016, 12:46 pm

    To stop those blades requires either a reversal of the magnetic field in the generators, or engaging the braking mechanism built into those turbines, (or temporarily stopping the wind !). This would require electrical interference, a common feature of UFO encounters. It’s possible they gain energy by exposing themselves to high electromagnetic fields; this would explain UFOs being often reported near nuclear stations and high voltage power lines, and their interference then causing occasional blackouts. Reports of UFOs entering water without a splash or wave have some believing they are surrounded by a force-field that neutralizes all opposing energy within the protective bubble. If it protects them from water when submerged, this protective system would then also be quite able to easily stop wind around it.
    If you look closely, you will see the third wind turbine in line with the 2 stopped ones, also stops and starts.

    • Sid@Kevin
      May 21, 2016, 4:34 pm

      For all the reasons you mention and more, that’s why I posted this video as possibly being authentic. The other video in this article shows some analysis that I think is really well presented. Did you see that one as well?


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