Colonel Charles Halt Confirming A UFO Shone A Beam into the Weapon’s Storage Area at RAF Bentwaters

“I can confirm that this was a nuclear weapons storage area.”

RENDLESHAM FOREST ADMISSION: This video clip was taken by the editor of UFO Truth Magazine Gary Heseltine at the top of the RAF Bentwaters Weapon Storage Area tower in December 2007. In this clip COLONEL CHARLES HALT (RET) confirms that whilst he was out in the forest he turned his personal radio to the tower frequency where he heard the officer in the tower confirming that a UFO was shining a beam of light down into the storage area bunkers. He also confirms that there are many other witnesses who have yet to come forward in the Rendlesham Forest incident. I can confirm that this was a nuclear weapons storage area.

Gary Heseltine, UFO Truth Magazine and Earth Mystery News contributor

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Gary Heseltine

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1 Comment

  • Joe
    June 21, 2016, 6:15 pm

    Interesting that RAF Bentwaters is referenced as having a WSA with nuclear weapons stored there. I was stationed at another RAF base that had a WSA and probably had the same type of ordinance. My time frame was the early 70’s


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