People have expressed that when simply closing their eyes and “feeling” the music, they experience a powerfully peaceful, profoundly expansive sense of wellbeing.

Earth Mystery News is proud to present MUSIC OF THE PLANTS with Alessandra Morassutti.

Alessandra is a holistic practitioner, Homeopath, and a distributor of The Music of The Plants U1 machine. This device is an Invention from Damanhur. Damanhur is an eco-village and sustainable community located in Northern Italy, that has been around for 40 years. The United Nations has acknowledged Damanhur as a model of sustainable living and is well known around the world for having built the Temples of Humankind, considered by many  to be ‘The Eight Wonder of the World”. Damanhur has been researching communication with plants for many years and the Music of the Plants, is the result of this research. Concerts with The Music of the Plants are held around the World creating magical experiences for audiences and musicians alike.

The device can be enjoyed by plant lovers, musicians, artist, researchers and anyone who is interested in creating sacred space with music. Alessandra will be taking The Music of the Plants into schools, rehabilitation centres, retirement homes, stressful work environments and other places that will benefit from the calming and soothing effects of this interaction.


The resistance between the electromagnetic variation from the roots and leaves of the plants is being measured by the electrodes of the device and then it is mapped.
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Each different variation is given a different musical note value.

Then the MIDI turns the value into an audible note of music.

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Plants can create 4 to 5 octaves of Music

The device allows the user to select how the output will sound, such as a piano, flute, drum, choosing about 120 different sounds.
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Once the plant has learned that it is making the music, it starts to use the device. It changes the electrical resistance to get the notes it wants. The plant is doing this as it senses the electromagnetic fields around it. It becomes interactive with the energy fields around it, influenced by the intention and energy fields projected by those present. With musicians, and the focus and energy they create while accompanying the plants, it is as if the plants shift instantaneously and in harmony with them, demonstrating a high level of resonant collaboration.

The device has a “ Sample Rate” button, that allows us to speed up the melody faster or slower, but all the notes are made by the plant’s electrical resistance.

Science is revealing that they are very evolved in their sensory communication. Some of these sensory communications are way faster and more sophisticated then we understand.

In a Ted talk, Stefano Manuso, Director of the University of Florence, “ International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology states:

“Plants have a “modular design”, it can loose 90% of its body without being killed. It can’t move and therefore has a highly developed sensory apparatus, between 15-20 distinct senses”. Roots of plants are a sophisticated network of Self-maintaining, self-operating and self-repairing. Creating a model for how to build networks for the future.”

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The device has a midi-output in the back that allows it to be connected to any device that uses midi. This has been used to control lights and motion in other devices. In the past, the experimenters of this technology discovered that plants can recognize people and certain elements within their environment.

People have expressed that when simply closing their eyes and “feeling” the music, they experience a powerfully peaceful, profoundly expansive sense of wellbeing.

Special thanks to:

Alessandra Morassutti, Music of the Plants
Winston Matsushita, musician

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