ET Beings Plan To Remove All Governments And The Elite By 2029?

ET Beings Plan To Remove All Governments And The Elite By 2029?

The word on the street is that by 2029 the world could possibly be invaded by Extraterrestrial Beings and all Governments and the Elite are to be removed – something which has been confirmed by certain government ex-employees who worked in secret bases.

This intriguing announcement has been confirmed by Phil Schneider, who claimed to be an ex-government structural engineer who was involved in building underground military bases around America, and to be one of only three people to survive the 1979 incident between the alien Grays and U.S. military forces at the Dulce underground base.

Strangely Schneider was found dead in his apartment, apparently his death was caused by a stroke, but MANY have suggested that he was murdered – possibly by the US Government.

Phil Schneider was very loud and clear about what he says that he learned about the extraterrestrials whilst working under a top-secret ‘high security’ clearance for the American Government.

Phil was mocked heavily by the media when he came out with such controversial statement.  Although many people around the world, including Veterans Today senior editor Gordon Duff, had a lot of faith and belief in Schneider and even declared him in public as a “UFO whistleblower.”

When Phil was found dead in his apartment it was first indicated that he could have committed suicide, however many truth seekers around the world now believe that he was actually murdered, possibly for the things that he knew about.  Schneider was found dead in his apartment in 1996.

Schneider strongly reinforced the case that back in 1954, then-President Dwight Eisenhower supposedly made a pact with three different species of aliens! This is something that Phil confirmed to a rather intrigued group of students at a lecture at the 1995 Preparedness Expo.

Phil also confirmed at the lecture that the then President did this for an exchange for ‘alien technology’

Phil Schneider and many other UFO researches strongly (and MANY still do) believed that President Dwight Eisenhower gave the ET’s his very own permission to abduct some cattle and a very limited number of human beings.

Cattle were found in their tens of thousands across the US, inexplicably mutilated!  It has been recorded that many of these brutal killings of cattle had their organs had carefully been removed, as if done by some kind of surgeon.  Some said at the time that these cattle killings were done by predatory animals – but have any of you EVER seen a wolf etc with a surgeon’s knife chasing after cattle!??

Phil Schneider then went on to state that the Human Abductees, which could have been in the “thousands” could very well of been ‘eaten’ by the Alien Beings – Phil confirmed that at least nine races of aliens see us human beings as merely as a “a bag of food” and nothing else! Would a President of allowed his people to end up like this? Did he have a choice, if he was that desperate to get hold of ‘their’ technology.

Later at the same event ( the lecture at the 1995 Preparedness Expo) Phil presented to the audience a very unusual piece of Metal.  He explained that this piece of metal was in fact part of the technology that the Alien Beings were offering to the human beings as an exchange…with the key benefit of being completely INDESTRUCTIBLE!

Apparently this very special type of metal is made of niobium, an element we have on the periodic table, and marinate, which is in fact an alien element you won’t find mentioned ANYWHERE in Earth’s textbooks or science books!

Another piece of Alien technology the Human race gained off certain Extraterrestrial Beings was a spy satellite that could spot a coin on your kitchen floor.  This technology apparently infrared technology and had a resolution factor of 99.99961.  Paul confirmed that it was only the military that had ideas for this level of technology and it is all something that is now put into use in todays modern military equipment.

BUT according to Schneider the Aliens “violated the pact” and took more humans than what they should have done.  This is when an undercover war with the Aliens was declared.  Phil confirmed that the Aliens plan to rid the world of the worlds governments and the Elite, and that they plan to take over in 2029.

Phil gave a stark warning before his death –  “We don’t have a whole heap of time left.” and urged the Governments to tell the people of this planet what they have done and what is coming in 2029!

Sadly Phil Schneider died not long after making these brave statements to the world.  He never did quite fully explain whether it was just the world leaders that the Aliens want to rid this planet of in 2029, or was it the Human Race as a whole?!

U.I.P SUMMARY – As much as this story may appear a little ‘over the top’, it is important to remember that there are a lot of odd goings on around the world at the moment, that could be possibly deemed as a build up to ‘something’, but a war?? Could you actually declare war on a species that has the technology to travel between the stars!

Take for instance the sheer amount of ‘Drip feeding’ of Disclosure by NASA and the Government controlled Media which has been going on over the last few years! We have had NASA admit that by 2025 we will discover other Alien Civilisations (not too far off the 2029 date as mentioned in this article).

What with NASA confirming that they have discovered potential ‘habitable planets’ with similar living conditions to planet earth, Kepler 452b being one of their more recent finds, which is about 60% larger than planet earth and up to 1.5 Billion years older (just imagine the potential advancement of any beings on that planet!?).  We also have leading professors such as Stephen Hawking helping to fund Alien hunting projects, something he has usually dismissed as too dangerous!?

And on top of all this ‘apparent’ influx of drip-feeding, we now even have the Catholic church ADMITTING to the world that Extra-terrestrials exist! Something which has caused a few raised eyebrows around the world – something that most religions has DISMISSED until recently.

The Facts….

We ARE being drip fed disclosure from every corner of the world, and on top of this UFO sightings have recently DOUBLED and more and more people are witnessing the Extra-terrestrials in their masses in the skies above us – even the International Space Station cannot look ANYWHERE with their HD cameras without capturing a UFO near them – Even TV shows and adverts are focusing in on ‘Aliens’ more and more nowadays….all designed to waken up the masses of this world!?

This is NO coincidence as I’m sure the majority of you will all agree, BUT the question is, is this a build up to war being stirred by the world leaders and the Elite, against a potential ET race that has an ongoing dispute with specific governments around the world? It’s a good question and our personal thoughts on this is that IF we are heading towards an Alien conflict, then surely we could not compete against a far more technologically advanced race (or race’s) UNLESS as Phil Schneider has stated before, perhaps we are already using their own weapons against them!?

Who knows, perhaps there are ET Beings out there who have OUR ‘best interests at heart’ and are willing to defend us against TWO possible fronts – The ‘Disgruntled ET Beings AND our very own world leaders and the Elite on Planet earth’.

Like many have stated before, there is good and bad in every walks of life and perhaps the GOOD out there is willing to fight for us against the ‘evil within’ and those that wish to remove us from the very planet that we call home.  Don’t forget there have been reports of Alien Wars in the sky before….perhaps leaders of the past (and present) have meddled into something which needs ‘outside support’

Nobody knows the TRUTH apart from those that are ‘lying to us all’ but TWO things are very much for sure, we are NOT alone, and they are VERY MUCH HERE!

Source: UFO International Project

David Aragorn

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