NORAD COMMAND UFO Documents to be made public

NORAD COMMAND UFO Documents to be made public

'the yearly average in the last five years has been 1800 tracks of interest and 75 intercepts.'


Press Release
June 23, 2016
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ZlandCommunications open to US Espionage Indictment if NORAD document is distributed
Documents to be made public at FIRST CANADIAN INQUIRY INTO UFOs.
Toronto [ZNN] ZlandCommunications has learned from a letter sent to ZNN by NORAD COMMAND at Peterson AFB in Colorado, that documents relating to “unknown track reports” (UFOs) cannot be disclosed as it is an offence under the National Security Act.
The letter went on to say US Espionage Laws Code Title 18 Section 793 and 794 “prohibits the transmission or revelation of information contained in any records on unknown track reports in any manner to unauthorized persons.” See Sections 1 and 2 of the NORAD letter below.
ZNN has in its possession such Air Traffic Control documents (EVENT STATUS REPORT) on “unknown tracks’ or TOIs (Tracks of Interest). However, these documents were released to ZNN through an Access to Information request by the Canadian Department of National Defense in Ottawa.
The Air Traffic Control document in question cites two NORAD CF-18s were scrambled out of COMOX AFB in British Columbia in 2001 to chase three TOIs (Tracks of Interest) at 35,000 ft. These TOIs (Tracks of Interest) were able to elude the two CF-18s and a MEDVAC LR-35 jet. Shortly after, the CF-18s radioed COMOX AFB “Time to target for CF-18s is 90 sec” and next “YYQ CF-18s have contact at 35,000 ft.”
ZNN requested clarification on this incident from then Minister of Defense The Hon. Peter MacKay. In his response to ZlandCommunications the Minister stated these TOIs may have been a flock of birds. ZNN is unaware of any birds that are capable of flying at 35,000 ft and that are capable of eluding two of NORADs most sophisticated aircraft.
The NORAD letter to ZNN also reveals the NORAD commander has approved the release of the following information regarding tracks of interest – ‘the yearly average in the last five years has been 1800 tracks of interest and 75 intercepts.’ See Section 3 below.
ZlandCommunications believes withholding information from the public and the press concerning craft of unknown origin without transponders entering Canadian airspace in an unauthorized manner is unjustified and should be a matter of public concern.
Although ZNN takes any warning about espionage seriously and since the document(s) in question were released to ZNN through an Access to Information request to the Canadian Department of National Defense in Ottawa, it is the opinion of ZNN that making these documents public is not a violation of National Security.
Therefore – despite the warning from NORAD – ZlandCommunications feels the public interest is best served by disclosing this information and will be making this and other documents public as evidence at the FIRST CANADIAN INQUIRY INTO UFOs this Saturday June 25 in Brantford Ontario beginning at 9:00 am. Doors open at 8am.
Details of this hearing inquiry are at: CNW and ZNN.
Victor Viggiani News Director of ZlandCommunications will be available to the Press, radio and television on June 24, 25 and 26 at the hearing event in Brantford Ontario.
Mr. Viggiani can be reached at 416-801-8056.
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