In Pursuit of UFOs 

In Pursuit of UFOs 

My journey began back in 1987 and a series of events took place that forced me to look back on my early life and question incidents which took place when I was a child.

Occasionally when I tell people that I hunt UFOs they peer at me as if I have grown several heads or at the least, I need some strong medication. I unfortunately have had to endure this for many many years, yet when I show them photographs or video that I have captured of these anomalies, a look of deep confusion spreads across their face.

I have spent almost 30 years of my life studying, speculating and trying to prove that these objects exist to anyone who will listen. To some, this sounds as if I’m not playing with a full deck or I’m not the sharpest, high-tech tool in the shed.

Some become frightened and try to rationalize it with ordinary things such as birds, lens flares or insects when clearly it’s movements and behaviors do not correspond to any of these. Some become very curious or are fascinated and begin to ask 1000 questions of which I do not have any of the answers. In fact after all these years i’ve only learned two things that are solid and indisputable:

  1. Some type of phenomena exists around this planet that we know almost nothing about.
  2. This phenomena possesses an intelligence and is driven by some sort of agenda.

My journey began back in 1987 and a series of events took place that forced me to look back on my early life and question incidents which took place when I was a child. Some of these events are covered in this short documentary… Are they relevant and are they related to the phenomena? I do not have the answers to that and I can only speculate…

The Documentary:

A few years ago while doing research online I began to notice a handful of researchers utilizing infrared night vision and high-powered cameras to capture these anomalies. At that moment I realized this was something that I was driven to do and I began to experiment with numerous video and still cams. On some occasions when not armed with any camera I would witness strange things and scold myself for not being prepared.

After much trial and error I began to capture some strange anomalies they could not be explained by conventional objects. One of my favorite captures was photographed in November 2013 using a sky fishing technique. This involves placing the camera on the tripod and firing off rapid multiple photographs into one spot in the sky. Then the tedious tasks starts of examining each photograph closely until something anomalous is found. In this sequence of photographs there were 37 fired off rapidly… 36 of them contained nothing, not even a bird. It was number 23 that contained this object. Many things have been suggested for what it is, such as a balloon. Considering the photos were taken a second to a fraction of a second part this is not possible as it would’ve shown up in other frames as well.








Soon I was capturing anomalous objects during the day and night with infrared cameras, video and a variety of still cams.

Approximately two years ago I got the idea to form a group on Facebook and bring together these numerous anomaly hunters from around the world to study this phenomena. The group was formed and named ITF or In The Field and the members come from all walks of life. There are pilots, artists, CGI experts, ground trace experts, musicians, authors, journalists, members of the military, veteran researchers, talk show hosts and many others who have joined over the last few years.

We have now gained some insight into the behavior of this phenomena from direct and repeated observation and to this day it’s still baffles us all. We will continue to come up with new techniques, discuss the latest equipment on the market and try to determine as much as we can. We can only hope more people will pick up cameras to pursue these elusive, strange events and that the next generation carries on the same work so that we may one day discover the true nature of this phenomena.






Article and Photography submitted by Scott Browne


Copyright 2016

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