Orb Abduction

Orb Abduction

From an EMN Reader’s first hand account

My name is Alta who also is one of 3 adults taken off a street corner by an orb of light
I am the only one that has memory of what I call the in between along with 10 hrs of missing time
I also seem to be the only with unknowns in my arm
I have never said Implant because I have no memory of it being put in
When I came to the next day I had strange long 4 digit hand prints around both my arms an the unknown just under the skin
I have X-ray’s as well as high strangeness to share if you are interested
I also have a second object in my wrist with memory of that event but would not allow X-ray when I tried
Thank you so much for caring about what is happening to us

Pictures sent in by Alta showing unusual marks on his skin after his encounter
More Alta pics
More Alta Pics
Alta Pictures sent in

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