Abduction Survivor

Abduction Survivor

From an EMN Reader’s first hand account

I am a 58 year old abduction survivor. – I was offline for a while and fortunately my best friends got me this incredible lap top for Christmas and here I am again! I appreciated the ‘we miss you’ email. Well, a little about myself. I clearly remember my first (as far as I know) alien abduction. I was 3 years and 8 months old, and I was taken along with my paternal grandmother and my sister. My mom was in a military hospital for two weeks having had a difficult birth and losing a massive amount of blood, and my new baby brother had to have a blood transfusion and it was touch and go. So, my Dad was in the airforce and had my Nana flown from PA to California to take care of my sister and I. One evening about an hour before dusk, Nana took us for a walk out back. We lived in an apartment duplex in San Bernardino county, about 100 miles away from the AFB where Dad was stationed. I was a nearsighted child, so I was focused on checking out all the creepy crawlies on the ground. I felt the hair on my arms and the back of my neck stand up, and I looked up and saw a big dark grey triangular craft about 15 feet or so above us. There was a large circular opening in the center of the bottom, where a vivid blue shaft of light went to the ground, and in the light was my grandmother, floating up, and I could see the bottom of her shoes and the black lines on the back of her stockings. The next thing I remember is being inside a large round white room. I was sitting in the center, against the wall, on a kind of bench that wrapped halfway around this space. To my right sat a young man in a blue uniform, holding his hat in his hands, just looking straight ahead. To my left there was a naked woman, probably early 20’s, with curly long dark blond hair, and she was sobbing, with her hands over her face and eyes. Another woman (I just sensed she was a female) came up to me. She was a little bit taller than me, and she had very pale white-grey skin. She had a very large head, with no hair. She had scale like skin on the backs of her hands and on the back of her neck. She had ear holes, but no ears. She had nose holes, but almost no nose. Her mouth was simply slit like. She didn’t talk with her mouth. She spoke to me with her mind. She took me by the hand. Her hands were very long and slender. She had three fingers and a thumb, and they were very long. Her skin felt warm and soft. She took me to a room with a table and something in the ceiling. There were several others like her, and one that was very tall, perhaps 6 feet. The others were chattering and it sounded like bees buzzing and birds chirping and clicking at the same time and it scared me. They put me on the table, which had a surface that I sort of sank into, and I couldn’t move. At that point, the grey lady stood behind me and looked down into my eyes, and said, in my mind, No Pain. I remember seeing a snake like bundle of metallic shiney segmented hoses come out of the ceiling over me, while they were scraping my feet, my hands, my nails, and checking me out. This snakelike thing went into my navel, and I could see my tummy get very swollen and I felt a lot of stuff moving around inside, it was horrible. I remember simply waking up in the morning, in my own bed, and we all had what looked and felt like bad sunburns. I was very sick in my stomach and for a long time, I would not eat, could not eat. My parents did everything to encourage me to eat. I was very sick until after Christmas. I was taken to the doctor because of weightloss and I was very anemic. There was no explanation for it. My sister doesn’t remember the event, and my opinion on that is because she was older than me and it traumatized her so badly that she simply could not remember. To this day she has to sleep with a light on. She has recurring dreams of little beings around her bed. I tried talking to my Grandmother about it many years ago. She said, “Oh, they were just little doctors. I will not talk about this again!” This happened in August of 1961. That, I believe, is the same year Barney and Betty Hill were abducted. Well, kids, that is my first abduction experience. Thanks for reading this. It happened, and it happened to me.
I have had a life time of trying to come to grips with this subject. I appreciate your interest in my history. It has been a strange rocky road for me. I would truly like to know more about what happened to me but all I have are bits and pieces memories to share, beyond the time in my early childhood. I am certain I have had at least several pregnancies and do recall being shown a child and a baby in the past, all from the abductions I have been through. I have some other strange things too, like knowing about a big disaster coming in future, that really did happen. I think everyone should know about the abduction scenarios that really do happen to people and it could be anyone. I am just one of those who remembers more. CcynBolynn

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