From EMN Member Viviane Chauvet

Being empathic and Intuitive Clairvoyant, Viviane is also sensitive to vibrations, certain changes of electric and magnetic energy coming from people with whom she comes in contact.

From an EMN Reader’s first hand account …

Viviane Chauvet is a biological Arcturian/Human Hybrid who was born with genetic differences reflecting the high quality of her star family, The Arcturians. They are Highly evolved 5th-9th dimensional Angelic Star Beings from the star system of Arcturus. Viviane is a ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Galactic Crystalline Vibrational Healer, Channel for Archangel Raphael, USUI Reiki Master, Channel for Cosmic Wisdom & Higher Dimensional Frequencies, Spiritual Teacher & Spiritual Mentor, Interdimensional Intuitive, and Psychic. In addition to working closely with Beings of the Highest Order of Light, including Solar Archangels from the Great Central Sun, Viviane interacts daily with her Arcturian father. The Arcturians are Masters of the Souls & Higher Consciousness, Masters Healers, and Luminous Beings of Galactic Wisdom who have come to assist humanity and the Earth’s collective consciousness to heal and ascend. Viviane is one the High Oracles of Arcturus and recognized by the Council of Elders as one of the First Original Teachers sent to Earth back in Atlantis to teach and reconnect Humanity with their true Divine Origins and Powers. Her Crystalline Light Energies anchor the 5th Dimensional Light Frequencies into the planet’s Grid Systems. As a Teacher and High Vibrational Healer of Light, Viviane is on Earth to help people, along with all Forms of Life, to awaken and ascend to Higher Spheres of Existence. Her Empowering Mission is one of Love, Compassion, Spiritual Counseling, High Energetic Healing, and Teaching the wisdom of her star origins as a bridge between dimensions.

Being empathic and Intuitive Clairvoyant, Viviane is also sensitive to vibrations, certain changes of electric and magnetic energy coming from people with whom she comes in contact. Then she processes those vibrations into thought forms, images, ideas, and colours. Viviane also learns about someone through mental images or waves that come in flashes in the form of vibrations. The electric energies of two people mixed create a connection between them. Vibrations are electric and magnetic energy, a form of mental telepathy. The Arcturians transmit codes of light through Viviane’s 3rd Eye and down to portals located within the palms of her hands. Therefore her hands become instruments of Light Language transmission, healing, and communication.

A portion of her Earthling mission consists of:

· Anchoring the Higher Frequency of pure Light & Love of the 5th Dimensional Realm into the Energy Field, The Grid System of the Earth;
· Implementing a Collective Consciousness
· Activating people to their Fullest Potential and Highest Light;
· Awakening Soul Star Seeds;
· Planting Seeds of Activation in preparation for Ascension;
· Being a Facilitator who offers a vibrational experience that brings people into an altered state of Awareness & Light body Consciousness;
· Establishing a bridge of communication between Humanity, Star Beings, and the Angelic Host through my Energy Field/Aura;
· Attuning people to the frequencies of the Arcturians and Star Masters;
· Opening up a channel of multidimensional communication;
`Connecting people to their multidimensional aspect of their Divine Selves.

You can read about her healing services in the magazine “Natural Awakenings” 2016 Practitioner Directory Page 33:

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