Strange Objects Chronicled by an EMN Member

I’ve been documenting ET sightings for almost a year now

From Jason Figueroa, an EMN Reader’s first hand account …

I wanted to share my story. I’ve been documenting ET sightings for almost a year now since learning about CE5 initiative and doing it regularly. Now it’s gotten to a point that orbs, controlled balloons, fixed objects in the sky and lots of high strangeness seems to be attached to me. I feel as if I’m being influenced and I’m starting to develop some psychic awareness. Now it’s gotten to a point where I don’t have to initiate anymore. They just find me on a daily basis wherever I go, usually if I do something that they deem to be a healthy step in my path. They definitely don’t seem harmful, they seem extremely benevolent. But I really would like answers. Example… Do I have an implant? Have I been abducted? Is this really benevolent or is there more that I don’t understand? There’s only a few contact workers that I can speak to about this, but not anyone close. I would like expert eyes on this Because so much of it deals with high strangeness where people, places, and things seem to shift in odd ways. I have a comprehensive list of video captures of my sightings. Sometimes I initiate, sometimes they do. I also live in a high rise apartment in NYC and I find it extremely bizarre that I have so many sightings over the sky in Manhattan and no one seems to be seeing or talking about it. I also see bizarre helicopters from time to time that light up in my direction in an Eery way. I’ve believe I triggered F22 fighter plane responses over Manhattan on 2 occasions and I don’t know if what is happening is dangerous, manifestation, or none of the above. All testimony is documented as best I could. I posted just a few below.


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