“METEOR” Does 180° Turn Over Village

A video of a 'meteor' that looks like it's about to crash at a village, but suddenly does a turn and flies in a different direction.

This video uploaded by Dangerous Coast shows us a flaming meteor that seemed to have been on a crash course to the village that it was flying towards, but then suddenly turns around and goes a different direction. With this video, it’s kind of hard to think that it’s actually a meteor in any sense of the word. It’s definitely a UFO if this video is real.

Lets go through this video to see if it’s real or fake.

Well, first off, the ‘meteor’ does seem to be coming in hot towards Earth. And there’s no way that that turn in the ‘meteor’s’ flight path is possible if it was an actual meteor. The flames do look real and it does disappear behind the buildings and trees. The second thing is that the video seems to start right when the ‘meteor’ enters the atmosphere, because there’s a split second where there’s a light in the sky behind the fire trail, suggesting that the person hit the record button just as he noticed the object, not knowing that it would suddenly catch fire. It would have been suspicious if the video had started when the person noticed the object and then we saw the ignition.

But then there are some other issues to this video. First problem is the constant loop of the flight path. Whoever made this 8 second video turned it into a 2 minute video with ominous music behind it. If they had the actual sound instead of the music, then we could have had a better idea of how close this fireball really was. Instead, we have this looping video of this fireball going behind a building over and over again. The second problem I have to ask about would be the trail of the ‘meteor’. Wouldn’t there be smoke behind it? Fire produces a lot of smoke, and while the video is of poor quality, it’s hard to tell if there’s smoke behind that fire trail. The third problem I see with this video is that the video just ends as soon as the fireball disappears behind the trees. Wouldn’t anyone want to know where this fireball landed? Unless you are paranoid that this fireball would turn into the same titan machines from War of the Worlds, wouldn’t anyone want to check it out?

Anyways, what do you think of this video? Is it real or fake? Despite it being a 8 second video being repeated 20 times, it does certainly look real. Comment what you think about this ‘meteor’.

David Aragorn

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