Lesley Mitchell-Clarke and Wes Roberts welcome JG VOSS to Contact TV

JG Voss began experiencing paranormal encounters as a child. She believes her strong connection to the spirit realm began after being pronounced dead as an infant.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist LESLEY MITCHELL-CLARKE (www.lightworkhypnosis.com) and Co-Host/Experiencer/Contactee WES ROBERTS are excited to welcome to the latest episode of their new production format, “CONTACT TV”, New York-based author, paranormal researcher and photographer, JG VOSSJG, who first began seeing and experiencing psychic phenomena as a child, is the author of PARANORMAL – a true story of her remarkable journey, featuring over fifty of her incredible photographs of paranormal phenomena.

About “CONTACT TV”….Following five years of the popular on-line radio broadcast, “Contact”, a new, visual format of the successful audio show has been created.  Twice monthly, new shows will be available through the exciting, cutting-edge, informative, alternative news platform, Earth Mystery News (www.earthmysterynews.com) and also on the “CONTACT TV” YouTube Channel.  As with our previous programme, we will be welcoming a virtual “Who’s Who” of the leading figures in UFOlogy and related subjects – either via Skype, or interviewed in person at the Toronto-based Earth Mystery News Studio.  Posting October 15th, we will welcome back Capt. Randy Cramer for Part 2 of his incredibly personal story of his experience as part of the parallel space programme, and his tours of duty as part of the Mars Defence Force and the Lunar Defense Force.  For our special Halloween presentation (posting on October 31st), we will welcome back Hollywood historian and author, Laurie Jacobson, who will be sharing creepy tales of tinseltown’s most notorious haunts from her fine book (co-authored with Sam Wanamaker), Hollywood Haunted.

About JG VOSS….

JG Voss began experiencing paranormal encounters as a child.  She believes her strong connection to the spirit realm began after being pronounced dead as an infant. In the last decade, she began capturing paranormal activity in photos within her homes at various locations. These locations are referred to in her book Paranormal as being “The Four Points of Contact.”  Fifty of these photos are included in the book. She lives in Seneca Falls, New York, with her husband and youngest daughter.  Her husband has become a believer after seeing a photo of ghostly passengers sitting in his car on a day that he drove to work.  JG and her eldest daughter, who resides in Berkeley, CA, share and support each other through their personal experiences and connection to the spiritual realm.  Be sure to visit JG on TWITTER at https://twitter.com/ParanormalJG

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