From EMN Reader Carlos Tavares

From EMN Reader Carlos Tavares

We cannot expect the alien beings to do everything. We can however meet them half way by creating contact on our terms, eg circumstances in which fear is not a factor.


(The time is now!)

Carlos Tavares


 I am defining ‘Contact’ here as actual “contact” with other intelligent, sentient entities that are not from this world or even this Earth’s frequency, ie. non Earth based entities from other planets and civilizations, which may be human like or totally different to us. Also included here is contact with versions of our future selves!

 The purpose of Contact I feel is to expand our reality and experience.

 As we awaken to the immenseness of the universe, we can then perceive and experience the multi-verses and the other beings existing in other frequency “slices” of the electro-magnetic spectrum. All we have been able to “perceive” up to now is but the smallest fraction of a faction of a single percentage – (the Visible Light Spectrum that can be seen with the human eye, by most estimates, is about 0.0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum!)

 Now we are ready for the next phase in our evolution! This is very much a personal quest. We do not need any governments or authorities to do it for us, we have seen already where that has taken us. It is our own journey. The onus is on us.

 Until Now

 Bit by bit we have painfully pieced together the situation we find ourselves in: we are a civilization genetically created by more advanced beings in the past to fulfil their work and other agendas, mostly in the form of a Hybrid Slave Species. Our species, (we the hybrids) has been tinkered with many times and by many different races. Furthermore our planet has been hijacked, controlled and heavily manipulated and suppressed.

However that is all fine, as the past is the past! We can take what we have and move forward with that, except this time under our own command and directorship. A new sovereign awakening spiritual race of people!

 We already have the “t-shirts” of negatively based contact experiences whether that be alien abductions or the entire Reptilian and Annunaki Agenda (as well other known and unknown forces). We now move forward to “contact” that is higher in frequency. We should not allow our hectic past experiences to deter us from awesome future possibilities and experiences! It was all but a starting point in our awakening. Logically, as you awaken, the first entities you would normally encounter are your gate keepers, your slave masters, but we now have moved past that phase into more evolved interactions.

 Many Forms and Types of “Contact”

 What first comes to mind is the sightings of UFOs in the skies, lights that do all sorts of strange things (except nowadays you don’t really know if they are their crafts or ours, what with all the Black Projects and back-engineering going on in secret on Earth!)

 You would then generally move to actual face to face encounters with some of these beings with associated communication, ie verbal or telepathic. Really significant contact in this way has been rare and we also need to bear in mind that some of these more malevolent creatures can easily disguise themselves as someone else to trick and deceive you and give you misinformation. Advanced cloning can create any creature, which can also be used to deceive and distract you. The trick here is that it boils down to your own frequency specific, in others words directly what your state of mind is at the time, is what you attract. If you are constantly focusing on the more negative aspects of contact, then that in itself will just initiate those experiences, or bring more of them to you if you have already had them. So it is time to move on and hold the focus of what you desire! Some preparatory work, “training” if you like could also happen in your dream states to start to help you prepare for your actual experiences.

 Orbs are the easiest way for someone to start to have contact and expand their mindset. (See my Article on “Orbs, our first real Contact”! ) Simply by using a normal digital camera and having the intent to see them, is how you start.  The digital camera simply records what is there without the mental blocks. The camera is used as a tool to bridge the gap and start to open you up to greater possibilities! Look at the many orbs in one photograph below. (Different colours representing different frequencies!)

orbs With the digital camera we can capture images of other beings apart from orbs. As in this photo below where a tall cat-like being allowed itself to be photographed!


Sometimes we get contact from unexpected gatecrashers, like in this image when this creature came into frequency enough during a meditation that it was able to be captured by the camera!


 Also keep watching the skies! Not only at night but also during daytime. Some of these craft are disguised as clouds, so pay particular attention to single unusual clouds. This technique is also a “Soft Conditioning” by the ETs to help us get used to their presence. (See also my article on “UFOs as Clouds” ) Keep a look out too for unusual distortions and movements in the sky!

 Important to know that we can have other kinds of “contact” other than by using our sense of sight! Other beings can too be sensed through smells, touch, taste and sound (and our sixth sense!). We need to awaken and refine our senses.

Touch can be a form of contact. Some mischievous entities will pull on your leg physically while you are in deep meditation or come and sit or lean or your bed at night to where you can feel the mattress moving. It is all different kinds of contact!

 The key to a better understanding of our greater reality is also to learn more about frequency. Some of these craft and beings are but the slightest of frequency shift away, just beyond what we would call our normal perception.


 For the more esoteric minded people you can have contact using a normal mirror and trancing at what is initially your own reflection, with the intent for alien or ETs to show their faces. After a little practice you will be amazed at the diversity of entities that appear right in front of you. You will need to get past the initial fear factor as some of these beings do not look like us. But fortunately this is a naturally progressive discipline and you will only see what you can handle! If you want to see more you simply push deeper and longer into trance! As you progress they will show themselves more and more to you. Don’t judge, just Observe and allow your mind to expand your reality. After some time it will be as if you are watching an episode of Star Trek, the amount of diversity is just amazing! 

 The key is to go beyond the initial fear and stay present. Fear is what must be conquered to raise the frequency, even though it is normally our first response to an unknown experience.  Also remember that some of these entities you are having the experience with is you, yourself from different future realities and times. (We then also have the possibility of contacting ourselves in parallel worlds!)

 The Discipline of Sky-Watching

 The amount of effort you put in will determine how much you will get out. 5 minutes once a week is not going to get you anywhere. If you want your own proof then do the work! Make dedicated time as often as you can, eg an hour per evening.

  • Simply sit outside where you have a clear view of the open skies.
  • Chill-out, get comfortable and enjoy the view! Preferably where there is no light pollution and no moonlight
  • Beings will not respond to demands but sometimes to requests!
  • Start out by spotting the satellites. Satellites move in straight lines and generally maintain the same light intensity, unless they go behind a cloud
  • Sooner or later you will get something that is not a satellite:
  1. Does not move in a straight line or changes direction
  2. Is of different changing colours
  3. Throbbing or pulsing
  4. Totally disappears and then may re-appear
  5. Could be like a shooting star, but one that only appears where you happen to be looking
  6. A light that is moving that all of a sudden starts to “power-up” and power-up to the point where it is the brightest object in the sky
  7. Start to learn where the major stars and planets are every night, so that you can immediately see if “something” is there that is not supposed to be there
  8. You can also get powers-up from stationary craft
  9. If they want to they will light–up the interior of the craft to the point that you will be able to make out the entities
  10. Look out for formation of moving UFOs, from two to many all moving together
  11. Also be aware of dark objects that may come overhead that do not purposefully emit light, but that block-out the stars! Try and formulate a shape and size. There will be no sound
  12. Don’t initially try and take pics as the camera only becomes a distraction. The personal experience is more important. If your friends also want proof well then they too must make the effort!
  13. Be aware of changing frequency which can sometimes be picked-up by a sudden ringing in the ears
  14. A strong laser-pointer may also help, especially if you draw Triads in the sky. They will often appear inside the area where you have drawn the Triad!
  15. It does not matter where you are on this planet! Mind will connect to mind!

 Here is an example of power-ups from James Gilliland ranch to get this “IDEA” into your consciousness. . Remember that when they power-up, the “light” that they emit is not just light but also an information burst! Also remember that while doing the sky-watch that your thoughts, intent and consciousness can transcend and penetrate all dimensions and frequency, so hold the focus, but in a relaxed and laidback way!

 Creating the next level of Contact and Mentorship

 We cannot expect the alien beings to do everything. We can however meet them half way by creating contact on our terms, eg circumstances in which fear is not a factor. They are clearly so far ahead of us in technology, evolution and spirituality, so we could certainly learn a lot from them (just look at the state of the planet right now!).

 Alex Collier, one of the greatest true contactees of our time, has brought to the public domain an enormous body of data from the Andromedans. He is suggesting that we create our next contact experiences in consciousness by visualizing how we would like it to happen. Here is an example: Visualize where you would want the craft to land, then the ETs stepping out and meeting you, where after you can sit under a shade of a big tree and communicate with them directly, on a regular basis!

 Bear in mind that the craft as well as the ETs themselves may be composed of far different frequencies to us, so just blindly running at them or their craft could lead to serious radiation burns. Follow their lead!  We do not want to worship them, just learn from and befriend them. (If you want to worship them you will get the wrong type of ET, just some insecure entity like Jehovah or a Reptilian, wanting to be worshipped as a God!))

 Other Consciousnesses

 We have also not even begun to scratch the surface with regard to other entities that live right here on Earth, below ground surface, inside the Earth as well as in the Oceans! Not to mention the different types of “little” people which I am sure there are many different species, right amongst us but just beyond our normal perception. Finally the greatest consciousness of all here on this planet which is the actual consciousness of mother Earth herself. Contact experiences will give humanity a bigger “sandbox” to play in and the expanded awareness and experiences that advance us in our own personal spiritual journey!

 Closing Thought to Ponder!


Have you ever considered contacting your very ancient past selves?! To a “time/s” before you dropped in frequency, playing these lower level games of creation and forgot all the knowledge and forgot who you truly are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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