Hear others and realize consciousness from extraterrestrials, inner-terrestrials, non-terrestrials, inter-dimensionals, spiritual guides, the dead, outer space, the planet, Inner Earth, other dimensions and/or other times may have chosen you to awaken the people of Earth. This online seminar provokes you to consider whether fractals of comprehensive awareness now stir within you so you can help guide humanity out of its current travail and into a loving, just planet of peace and creativity


In Re-Union: Experiencer & Contactee Portal To Ascension Webinar, you hear intimate details of how our presenters encounter extraterrestrials, get instruction aboard anti-gravity craft, travel though time, space and dimensions.  Our experiencers share the spiritual awakenings and memories of their encounters with nonhuman and advanced human intelligences in their own homes, in spacecraft, other planets and underground facilities. Other presenters share what they saw, felt and learned during past, simultaneous and future lives, near death experiences, visions, automatic writing dictation, astral travel and even in facilities of our own military. Presenters share techniques to remember, expand and initiate contact with beings beyond everyday material reality.

Contactees get technology, mental upleveling, implants, information and even hybrid children to help Earth and its inhabitants survive, thrive and ascend to a state of living love, ecological consciousness and harmlessness. The webinar may well guide you, as you listen (and perhaps choose to interact online) to your own latent memories and to reunion with your galactic family.

Anthropologist Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. and Aquarian Radio CEO Janet Kira Lessin interview experiencers and walk-ins who have full recall and researchers who trace the movement of contacts from fearful to fulfilling.  Top hypnotherapists share techniques that may well stir your own resonant recall.


Saturday, October 22, 2016
10 – 11 AM PST     Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin
11 AM – 12 Noon PST Miesha Johnston
12 Noon – 1 PM PST John Titor II
1 – 2 PM PST Randy Cramer
2 – 3 PM PST       Hildegard Gmeiner
3 – 4 PM PST Rebecca Hardcastle Wright
Sunday, October 23, 2016
10 – 11 AM PST     Barbara Jean Lindsey
11 AM – 12 Noon PST Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis
12 Noon – 1 PM PST James Gilliland
1 – 2 PM PST George Green
2 – 3 PM PST Rob Potter
3 – 4 PM PST       John Polk



Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin ~ 10 – 11 AM PST  ~ Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hypnotherapists Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. and Janet Kira Lessin share techniques to recognize and accept the part of you that says yes to contact with nonhuman and nonmaterial minds that can heal, smarten and teach you and humanity to better your life, lessen suffering and facilitate peace, justice and synergy on Earth. You learn to center yourself and benefit from extraterrestrial, interdimensional and other non-ordinary experiences.

Janet shows slides that illustrate her experiences. You too, she says, can frame your contacts as a HERO JOURNEY out of ordinary life, into the nonordinary and back to the ordinary with gifts to humanity.



JANET KIRA LESSIN is an author (http://www.amazon.com/author/janetkiralessin), educator, experiencer, contactee, researcher, conference presenter, conference organizer, radio show host, workshop leader and counselor. She and her husband, Dr. Sasha Lessin, facilitate experiencers at conferences, in skype groups and in their growth center in Maui, Hawaii. She works with those who channel, who engage in shamanic journeywork, or who use tantric ritual to access the superconscious.

Her specialties: tarrying with those who experience abduction, astral contact or paranormal activity, who belong to alien contact groups, or who have supernormal and nature guides. Janet’s practice encompasses those who access the dead, experienced near death experiences, who get powerful psychic intimations, who experience themselves and others as multidimensional. In her practice, Janet helps ground those in contact with the metacosmic void.

Janet presents powerpoints based on her life as an Experiencer (which began at birth), plus information based on her research which includes presentations based on the Anunnaki, ancient aliens, UFOlogy, Experiencers and her work as a counselor with Dr. Sasha Lessin dealing with clients who’ve experienced paranormal and ET contact plus non-ordinary states of consciousness (such as astral travel, remote viewing, shamanic journeys, etc).

Janet presents solo or with her beloved husband, Dr. Sasha Lessin. Janet and Sasha love to present together.  Together they facilitate workshops, experiencer groups and private counseling sessions.  Sessions, workshops and educational tutorials are based on the Anunnaki, ancient aliens, tantra, spiritual emergence, relationship counseling, life coaching, personal growth counseling, kundalini awakening and more .

At 13, saddened with the hypocrisy of religion, Janet embarked on a spiritual path–read hundreds of books on the paranormal, psycholog, M.A.y and consciousness expansion and, in seminars and counseling, overcame her childhood abuse issues and learned to help others. In 1997, Janet wed Dr. Sasha Lessin and began teaching with him. In their work with experiencers, contactees and pyschics, the Lessins adapt methods from Holotropic Breathwork, Existential Analyasis, Tantra, Voice Dialogue, Gestalt, Hypnotherapy, Past and Future Life Regression and Progression as well as Imago Work. They teach experiencers how to center themselves and integrate the energies they access in extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional, as well as paranormal experiences.

Janet is the author of Dance of the Souls: Pierce the Veil
Janet is the co-author of Anunnaki: Legacy of the Gods & Anunnaki: False Gods


sasha lessin anthropology 7

SASHA ALEX LESSIN, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA), M.A (Counseling Psychology), a Certified Hypnotherapist, other life Regression Therapist and HGolotropic Breathworker has facilitated hundreds of clients as they recalled and expanded extraterrestrial and interdimensional contacts, Satanic cult experiences, vision quests, government mind-control programs and military abductions.  He teaches clients how to center themselves, solicit the deep needs of all their subselves–including the inner voice that consents to nonordinay contacts–to make discriminating choices that honor their ecology and benefit humanity.

Dr. Lessin is the author of Anunnaki: Gods No More
Dr. Lessin is the co-author of Anunnaki: Legacy of the Gods & Anunnaki: False Gods

MIESHA JOHNSTON ~ 11 AM – 12 Noon PST ~ Saturday, October 22, 2016


Miesha has been a facilitator of experiencer groups for over two decades and has an incredible power point presentation with pictures, which covers not only her own experiences but also many people from her group and their pictures of their experiences.  Miesha is open to answer questions from the MC, the other presenters and the audience.  The focus of this presentation is on extraterrestrials and a bit of Miesha’s MILAB experiences. She does not wish to cover her Mk-ultra experiences in this presentation.  




Miesha Johnston - screenshot_2016-05-14-20-28-421

Miesha is a certified hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression and Trauma Recovery Hypnosis. She offers Galactic Multi Dimensional Sessions. She is a Trance channel speaks several Galactic Light Languages.

She facilitate two groups monthly in Las Vegas: Starseed Experiencer Support Group and Starseed  Awakening and Psychic Awareness.  She also facilitates 3 groups a week on virtual internet Starseed Experiencer Support Groups, Mk-Ultra, MILAB, Monarch, Montauk,Targeted Individual and Ritual Abuse & Starseed Awakening Channel Group on Zoom.  She has a weekly radio show  Staurday at 12:00PM PST on KCOR Digital Radio. http://kcorradio.com/KCOR/Starseed-Awakening-Hosted-By-Miesha-Johnston-KCOR-Digital-Radio-Network.php.  She is also part of panel on a new show Transcending Realities coming soon on IVOLVE TV http://ivolvetv.com.

She is a 2nd generational experiencer. She had her first experience at age three. She has had numerous contacts and abductions and has been involved with at least 7 different alien types: grays, insectoids, mammalians, reptilians, and human looking groups.  She’s has had many MILAB experiences and has been in the underground bases which included a black ops branch of our government and some Grey and Reptilian factions. 

In 1991, she founded the STAR FAMILY CONTACTEE GROUPS.    She started the first teen and children’s groups in the United States in 1994.   She was director of U.F.O.C.C.I. (UFO CONTACT CENTER INTERNATIONAL) and CELESTIAL CONTACTS OF NEVADA from 1990 to 1998   She  was a working group member of Steven Greer’s C.S.E.T.I.  In Las Vegas, Nevada. She was the Coordinator of the Art Bell Chat Club San Diego Chapter.  She has been interviewed on many radio shows and has spoken at UFO Conventions through out California, Colorado and Nevada.  In the 1999 -2001, she  was doing research for a book, with Melinda Leslie on the subject of MILAB & MK-Ultra in the Extraterrestrial experience but had to quit, due to extreme government threats to her and her family.  She is back and going strong and is writing a her audio biography.  She believe that Planet Earth is evolving into the next dimension are we ready! You realize you truly just a “spiritual soul having a human experience”.

You can contact her: 






JASON QUITT & JOHN TITOR II ~ 12 Noon – 1 PM, PST ~ Saturday, October 22, 2016

“Disclosed: Chronicles of John Titor II “

Be prepared to have your mind blown.  Does the U.S. military have the ability to time travel?  Will the world as we know it end sooner than we think? Has our timeline been changed without any of us knowing it?  Is there at least one off world Earth colony in existence?  Does the U.S. military have signed treaties with the Greys, the Reptilians and the Tall Whites?  Does the U. S. military have an elite group of genetically engineered cloned super soldiers?

John Titor II served as commander of the 177th Time Travel Division at Area 51 from the years 2030 to 2036. He has traveled beyond and back. His life story is told here for the very first time as he reveals the hidden truths behind humanity’s biggest cover-ups.




John Titor john-titorii3

John entered duty with the air force as an Airman in the U.S. Air Force at Dulce, New Mexico.  He was specifically trained because of his abilities to become an officer and pilot. He received intensive training on the latest air frames and power plants available which included the TR-3B spacecraft. John commanded the 177th Time Travel Division. Later he was given the command of a combat group focused on eliminating a threat to the planet by extraterrestrials.

He became proficient in martial arts, including karate, and kendo. He is proficient with all firearms in use by the military which includes the most advanced weaponry not generally known to the public at this time. This includes plasma and particle beam weaponry.

John Titor retired from the Air Force and entered private life to make the public aware of environmental issues the world faces and force the issue of Disclosure with the government. He is the author of numerous articles on politics, threats to the United States and the environment.

RANDY CRAMER ~ 1-2 PM, PST ~ Saturday, October 22, 2016





VANCOUVER, BC – In April 2014 U.S. Marine Capt. Randy Cramer (pseudonym = Captain Kaye) came forward publicly with his whistleblower testimony to Dr. Michael E. Salla claiming he had served 17 years as a member of the U.S. defense force on Mars.

Following this, Mars experiencers Andrew D. Basiago, Randy Cramer as well as Exopolitical researcher Alfred Lambremont Webre were part of an August 19, 2014 panel convened by Laura Magdalene Eisenhower to evaluate these Mars experiences:

My knowledge is extensive, and I continue to learn and grasp the situation in a way that only can be seen from the internal machinations. Coupled with 20 years of  experience from a  very hands on military career makes me one of the most knowledgeable USMC s.s. officers, and as yet, the only one whom to be given the direct authority through his chain of command to make that knowledge available to the public and civilian government.

From http://www.earthcitizenconsulting.org/my-story/

Since the USMC s.s command considers the weakening of our economy and the divisive political infighting as direct threats to national security, they have asked me to step forward and have encouraged me to offer my consulting services to assist my countrymen and the globe to make adjustments for better future technologies as well as restore legal and executive authority over ALL covert programs or risk further weakening of the US economy and social structure to devastating  effect, as USMC s.s. national security assessments and projections show.  Since it is the counter intelligence programs to keep secrecy that are at the heart of our social and economic symptoms of distress.  These two things are intimately attached and one cannot be solved without the other.

I’ve been asked to speak more openly to the public, and civic bodies on the subject of exopolitics as best as my own experience and special section briefings can make me.  Having spent a 20 year tour of duty with the EDF, that experience and knowledge is vast.  My observations on tactical analysis of this subject are based on more than 2 decades of objective and rational experiences to apply as a consultant on all affairs exoplotique and a vast array of socio-technological interactions that can be applied to current gaps between the here and now and living in a world of the future.  My discipline and mental prowess began early, as I was a meditating daily by age 10.

This prepared me for the shock and realization that my memories had been altered for security purposes, and that my PTSD symptoms were from terrors I could never have expected.  Many years of deep introspective work, and working with many, many wonderful caring and gifted healers in a wide array of fields eventually led to a full recovery of all my memories.  Which were followed by orders from my chain of command to pursue an avenue to attain my personnel files.  After three years of working with my congressman’s office, having filled out the SF-180 and mailing back and forth many requests to many government archives it became clear that no one was willing to go to the right agency and ask (I believe for fear of reprisal from said agency (NSA)),  for the correct forms that I had been informed I needed and for which I made three hand written requests.  It also became clear that unless I wanted to become my own lawyer this was going to be a dead end.

After discussions with a Brigadier General, it was suggested to go forward without that paperwork.  That the consequences of further delay were to severe to wait out a bureaucratic wall.  With this webpage and the work I am doing with colleagues in the field of exopolitics, I hope to be able to help everyone find better solutions to these problems.  That’s why I was asked to bring my 20 years of knowledge and experience from a USAP no one has ever heard of, until now, to civilian government and the non-classified branches of the military. Since, we believe, they will be offered up as sacrificial lambs in the coming global wars, that are absolutely unnecessary given the true mastery we have over the laws of physics, energy generation, propulsion and telecommunications.

We should all share in the benefits of this progress.  We should all share in the fruits of our tax dollars and the labors of employees on the government’s dollar, our dollar.  We should all have a future we can look forward to, and not just a pretty one for some, but for all the people of this living and conscious planet.

HILDEGARD GMEINER ~ 2 – 3 PM PST ~ Saturday, October 22, 2016



Hildegard Gmeiner von Bootes IMG_3143

Hildegard Gmeiner is an Intuitive Awareness Consultant, Speaker, Writer, Poet & Broadcaster, Walk-In from Bootes/Andromeda.  She was born and raised in an extended family environment on a farm in Germany.  Her professional background is in languages, international trade, as well as in broadcast journalism.   She lived and worked in Europe, South Africa and Canada, where she raised her four, now grown children.

In her early thirties, during many near-death-experiences she became aware of her true-non-physical source-essence-self.  She realized consciousness is not limited to the physical vessel, where generally put most of our focused attention.  In seemingly split seconds, she was able to experience her 3-D life, as well as many other realities simultaneously, without being bound by a physicality. Surrounded by the light, she was able to feel, hear and communicate telepathically with different levels of intelligence.

Since then, she has been receiving ongoing telepathic guidance from her Andromedan brother Lui Mar, a 7th dimensional consciousness scientist from Boötes/Andromeda Galaxy. She regained her health against all expert medial prognoses given at the time by following the telepathically received insights from the invisible worlds.  Hildegard has complete trust in her Andromedan source, for her health and that of her family, came about by her following Ashtar-Athena’s and Lumiar’s ongoing input; most of the time, against the recommendations and common practises of the world around her. (Medical-, Social-, Educational- & Religious Systems)

Hildegard is an intuitive awareness guide and consultant, who is committed to support the self-discovery process of all, desiring to reach their full Soul-Potential.  She uses her insights into the non-physical aspects of the human being, to facilitate the discovery of her client’s inner essence voice and wisdom, so they may learn to live guided from within. Thus aiding them to discover new ways of consciously living guided from within, rather than being unconsciously trapped by self-sabotaging, habitual patterning of their conditioned mind.

Hildegard is currently in the process of publishing one of her book manuscripts Never Enough – The Story of a Planet Reborn.  The take-home message of this multi-layered story has became the Red Thread, representing the guiding principles for her spiritual journey. She is also in the process of writing about her Walk-In experience.

She gives workshops at Happy Soul Books on Bloor St., off Ossingtong St. in Toronto, starting early July, and is working with indivudal clients on-line, over the phone and in person.  Hildegard is also one of the hosts at Toronto’s only on-line TV-Station, THAT CHANNEL.com

Web site: www.hildegard@hireawareness.com

REBECCA HARDCASTLE WRIGHT ~ 3 – 4 PM PST ~ Saturday, October 22, 2016




Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD, is the founder of the Institute for Exoconsciousness. The Institute’s mission is to support ET Experiencers through research and application of the innate ability of human consciousness to connect and communicate with ETs. The Institute builds bridges between ET experiencers and consciousness science as well as connects ET experiencers with international experiencer groups.

Rebecca’s signature is exploring what it means to be an Exoconscious Human, how we form an ET identity. She authored Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind. Rebecca teaches Exoconsciousness at International Metaphysical University. Formerly, she was a member of Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s Quantrek international science team, researching zero point energy, consciousness, and the ET Presence. In 2005 Rebecca taught one of the first ufology courses in the nation at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona.

Her graduate degrees include an MDiv in Philosophical Theology from Boston University School of Theology and a PhD in Parapsychic Science from American Institute of Holistic Theology. Her undergraduate degree is from Otterbein University. She is certified as a hypnotherapist and coach from Southwest Institute for Healing Arts.

Website:  www.exoconsciousness.com

Blog:  http://rebeccahardcastlewright.com/


BARBARA JEAN LINDSEY ~ 10 – 11 AM PST  ~ Sunday, October 23, 2016


Barbara Jean Lindsey Barbara Hawaii Photo

Dying for the Light” is one Woman’s Near Death Experience and Transformation From Average Mother of Three to Galactic Ambassador. Barbara Jean Lindsey is an internationally-acclaimed psychic, spiritual teacher and inspirational speaker. In 1989, Barbara Jean had an extraordinary Near-Death-Experience; after full-body channeling an ancient Egyptian being, her lungs collapsed, killing her in front of a live audience. Over the next three days she fought for her life (on the physical plane, spiritual plane and beyond). Barbara Jean’s story, journey and transformation are chronicled in her autobiography, Dying For the Light.

Barbara Jean Lindsey is an internationally-acclaimed psychic, spiritual teacher and inspirational speaker. In 1989, Barbara Jean had an extraordinary Near-Death-Experience; after full-body channeling an ancient Egyptian being, her lungs collapsed, killing her in front of a live audience. Over the next three days she fought for her life (on the physical plane, spiritual plane and beyond). Barbara Jean’s story, journey and transformation are chronicled in her autobiography, Dying For the Light.

Almost dying or considering your death can be enlightening. People who barely escape death mature and feel more connected to life. Survivors of falls, near-drowning, combat, cardiac arrest and attempted suicide wind-up more spiritual, joyous and relaxed than before.  Golden Gate suicide survivors–miserable when they leaped–transformed as they fell. In the seconds before they hit water, they reviewed their lives. Rescued, they started solving their problems; they savored life, helped others and valued the divine more.  East Indians deployed doom to spur the spiritual. They threw a disturbed man to de-fanged cobras or to an elephant, trained to charge but not crush. Or they staged a trial, sentence, execution and last-minute pardon. American Plains Indians, initiating youths to spiritual adulthood, also staged near-fatal ordeals. Amazon Indians to this day evoke psychedelic death-visions in new shamans. Patients in psychedelic therapy–legal in the U.S. till the ’50s–likewise experienced dying, karmic life-review and spiritual deepening.  People of every age, culture and religion who die then revive report similar experiences. You know you died, feel peace, float out of your body. Loving relatives and friends who already died guide you to a light. A Being of Light reviews your life and shows you its purpose: learning and love.  When you almost die, you appreciate life more, take joyous responsibility, think more clearly and upset yourself less about trivia.  After a near-death, you believe in an afterlife and no longer fear death. You love others more and seek further education. You connect with everyone and everything.

Barbara Jean Lindsey hosts, “The Cosmic Oracle Show,” on Revolution Radio on Tuesdays 12:00PM EST where listeners who have experienced something beyond themselves; from the Extra-Terrestrial (UFO and ETS) to the Spiritual (OBE’s and Altered States) can call in and share their stories.Through open  discussion, camaraderie and acceptance we dispel fear and isolation and open the door for healing and support. I also give free psychic readings for listeners.

Barbara is an internationally acclaimed Psychic, author, spiritual teacher and inspirational speaker.  She is an international seminar trainer, Certified Fire Walking Instructor, Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, Qui Gong Medical Practitioner, Level II Reiki Initiate, 25-year Interfaith Minister and Glastonbury, England Sister of Avalon.

In 1989, Barbara Jean had an extraordinary Near-Death-Experience; after full-body channeling an ancient Egyptian being, her lungs collapsed, killing her in front of a live audience. Over the next few days she fought for her life (on the physical plane, spiritual plane and beyond). Barbara Jean’s story, journey and transformation are chronicled in her autobiography, Dying For the Light.

Following her NDE, Barbara Jean has appeared on numerous television, radio, online and live event programs.  She hosts the weekly Cosmic Oracle Show on the Revolution Radio Network on Tuesdays 12:00PM EST where listeners who have experienced something beyond themselves; from the Extra-Terrestrial (UFO and ETS) to the Spiritual(OBE’s and Altered States) can call in and share their stories and she gives free psychic readings to callers.

Barbara Jean was the initial inspiration and hosts the Cosmic Cafe at the yearly Contact in the Desert Conference in Joshua Tree where contactees can share their stories publicly in a respectful and honored space.  She is the Dean and Founder of Esoteric University, an online mystery school for metaphysical studies. (www.EsotericUniversity.com)  www.Facebook/EsotericUniversity.  As Executive Director of the nonprofit 501C3, Casa Del Sol, Barbara Jean has sponsored and facilitated the annual Heart of the Cosmic Woman Conference, a gathering of women that empowers, inspires and heals women through celebrating the Goddess for over 15 years.

Barbara Jean has been a professional psychic since her NDE over twenty-five years ago and is currently available for private psychic readings via phone or Skype.  Barbara Jean currently lives with her son, daughter-in-law and grandson in Lyon, France where she pursues her passions in the arts, history, UFO’s, ET’s and antique collecting.

She still loves nachos.


Kewaunee & Kelly Lapseritis ~ 11 AM – 12 Noon PST ~ Sunday, October 23, 2016


Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis will be discussing their ongoing contact with interdimensional beings and sharing the wisdom as given to them and hundreds of other contactees that were documented.

Kewaunee, as a social scientist, has been contacted over 1,000 times in nearly 4 decades. While documenting 372 percipients who have had telepathic communication with the psychic Sasquatch, 17% had an ET/UFO encounter at the same time.


Kewaunee Lapseristis images

Kewaunee Lapseritis, AS, BA, MS, is a Holistic Health Consultant, Master Herbalist and Master Dowser with background in anthropology, psychology, conservation, and holistic health. He is also an Author, Lecturer, Presenter, Researcher, Radio & TV guest, film consultant, and world authority on the Sasquatch phenomenon. His two published books are: The Sasquatch People and Their Interdimensional Connection (2011) and The Psychic Sasquatch and Their UFO Connection (1998), and has 58 years of research and personal experience with the Forest People and friendly ETs.

Kewaunee Lapseritis is a social scientist who earned his Master’s Degree in Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanistic Psychology (Minors in Anthropology and Biology) from North Adams College in North Adams, Massachusetts where he spent time teaching anthropology in the early 1970s. Kewaunee also has a degree in Conservation from the University of New Hampshire- Durham. He is a Holistic Health Consultant, as well as a Master Herbalist and Wellness Educator with 40 years of training and service in this field. Among many other resources for training, Kewaunee studied Herbology/Botany with the Ojibwa traditional shaman, Keewaydinoquay, PhD in Ethno-Biology. Kewaunee is a world-traveled/trained herbalist who twice healed himself of cancer by natural herbal remedies and formulas.

Mr. Lapseritis has lectured at colleges and universities, including the Medical College of Wisconsin, been a presenter at hundreds of conferences and has appeared on over 500 radio and television programs, has been featured in numerous national and international media, and was a technical advisor for films and documentaries, and was a consultant for the film Letters From The Big Man. To date, he has been featured in 37 books and is often featured in the international press, including various newspapers. Some of the publications are: FATE, Australia’s People and Post magazines, OMNI magazine, Magical Blend, Cryptozoology (journal), Wildfire, Fate, Argosy, UFO magazine, Health Consciousness, and many others. In 1991, he was on a panel of scientists on a two-hour Bigfoot documentary on national television and he has appeared on The Discovery Channel twice.

Kewaunee has been on numerous Bigfoot expeditions throughout the United States, once for a period of two years. At times he would spend up to five months at a stationary camp alone in the wilderness, always without weapons, trying to make contact with the Sasquatch People. [In 1979 he received the shock of his life when simultaneously a Sasquatch and an extraterrestrial being telepathically communicated with him. At the time of contact, Lapseritis was the Assistant Director of an urban American Indian agency, was working part-time as a Hypnotherapist, and had been lecturing at the Medical College of Wisconsin, but was ill-prepared for a psychic encounter. Strangely, what followed was a triggering of what Eastern mystics would call a spiritual transformation or opening of the kundalini, wherein he became psychic overnight. After two years of being in denial of this drastic change, he decided to just let go and follow his heart.The psychic Sasquatch and Starpeople (ETs) have been contacting Lapseritis ongoing for the past 36 years. During this time, he has personally documented 327 percipients who have also experienced the Bigfoot/ET/Psychic connection.



Kelly Lapseritis is a writer, editor, and publicist for Comanche Spirit Publishing along with her author husband, Kewaunee Lapseritis. In August 2016, she designed and published The Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Conversations with Elder Kamooh as authored and transcribed by Sun.

Kelly is a supernaturalist for souls of multiple dimensions and levels of consciousness. She is a lifelong experiencer of the paranormal including Extra-terrestrials, Sasquatch People, Angels and Ascended Masters, spirits, and other interdimensional beings. The Sasquatch People introduced her to her husband, Kewaunee Lapseritis MS, MH on 12/12/12, and they married 7/27/14 in Eastern Washington where they now live with her son and their hairy friends and family.

Kelly, like the Sasquatch People, is a Lightworker whom practices the ways of Native American spirituality, traditions, and medicine. Her guides teach her many of the ancient ways like Shamanism, meditation, and intention to achieve spiritual harmony, balance, and love. These practices are all a part of the wisdom that she shares and coaches to open-minded and open-hearted souls.

Kelly is also an Autism Acceptance advocate and shares the knowledge, techniques, and health information that she has discovered through her own research and also through foresight given to her through her own awesome autistic son. She also has a passion for nature, animals, and the environment and seeks to bring out the beauty and love in all things while doing what is best for the highest good of all concerned.

Kelly has enjoyed sharing and expressing herself through art, writing, and other creative outlets, and she has become well known in her community for her unique talents and assistance with the spirit realm. Her artwork has been featured in some small publications, store logos, advertisements, and articles.

Here are links to our websites and public pages and forums:



JAMES GILLILAND ~ 12 Noon – 1 PM PST ~ Sunday, October 23, 2016



James Gilliland

James Gilliland is a Talk Show Host, Speaker, Minister, Visionary, Author, Ufologist, Self Mastery Earth Institute Director, ECETI Director, Alien Contactee, NDE’r, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Developer, Spiritual Facilitator, Consciousness Explorer, Teacher, Healer, Channel.  He is the Author of Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods 2 and The Ultimate Soul Journey.  He is the director of the Self Mastery Earth Institute and ECETI, Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence. After a Near Death Experience James returned with what he refers to as Interdimensional Mind; the ability to move beyond the body and the personality into other planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. This includes the ability to experience different time lines and future probabilities.

He is dedicated to the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth as well as researching and ushering in new healing and Earth friendly energy technologies. James has a timely message, and now is the time for this message.
James Gilliland was raised in a small desert town spending most of his time in nature. He studied biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, pre-law and pre-dental, yet did not acquire a degree or practice professionally. James has in depth experience and knowledge in construction industry, grocery industry, real estate industry and owned his own commercial real estate company which developed and managed shopping centers and other large multi-million dollar projects. He was also on the board of directors for the chamber of commerce.

GEORGE GREEN ~ 1 – 2 PM PST  ~ Sunday, October 23, 2016




George Green’s career extends from military service in the USAF (where he encountered alien disk craft in a remote hanger at Edwards AFB), through “playing monopoly” in corporate banking and large-scale construction, to working closely with the Pleiadians and other benevolent intelligences to “wake people up” in preparation for coming changes. Very few people we have talked to have a span of personal experience – and contacts – which is this broad.

As George describes, he “used to run around with the big boys”. He was asked to build an enemy prisoner-of-war camp in downtown Las Vegas – he refused – and was asked to be Finance Chairman for the Carter administration, but declined after it became clear to him that the ethics of many of the senior players were heavily compromised. Shortly after he turned down the offer, his loans were called in and he lost many millions of dollars as finance was removed from dozens of major construction projects.

Undeterred, George rebuilt his world and is in direct contact with Pleiadian intelligences and other beings. He has devoted his life to spreading the word that all is not as it seems. His very important free e-book, Handbook for the New Paradigm, has been read by millions all over the world. George is a delight to listen to: relaxed, friendly and humorous. He has an extremely serious message: there is very little time left in which to prepare.

Telling us that his “sources” are informing him that too few people are “waking up” and that it is almost too late, his own bags are packed and he is about to relocate to Ecuador where he says that many “insiders” have bought real estate and have already left the United States. When asked when we might expect major changes to occur, his response is to look at his watch. “The moment we launch a strike against Iran is the moment no longer to be in the US,” George says. “Pretty soon we’ll be waking up one Monday morning to find that the world is no longer the same.”

ROB POTTER ~ 2 – 3 PM PST ~ Sunday, October 23, 2016

My entire life has been filled with a calling and a longing. These longings and search for love and truth have been a blessing and a curse. I have always wanted to know who am I? Where did we come from? What is our purpose here? Why is there so much suffering and discord and anxiety on our planet? Why is the world so distorted and fractured, and so caught up in wars pollution ignorance superstition and fear?

Even as a small child I could see the answers to many of the world’s problems that were simple and easy fixes, if mankind would but realize the folly of his ways! It seems every question that was answered opened up 10 more. It seems I was never satisfied.

In my youth, I could really not understand why this planet was such a bloody mess? Once when I was pondering such questions as an 8-year-old, I asked my mother: Mom what is out there in outer space? Where does it go? When does it end? She replied: It never ends. I nervously laughed, as if to deny the responsibility of accepting an infinite ever-expanding consciousness, and replied: It has to end somewhere. She laughed and said: Where then? At a wall?  Or do you suppose there is a chain link fence? If so what is on the other side?



Rob Potter has been researching healing and consciousness for over 40 years. He has given seminars all over the world including Egypt, Canada, Germany and USA. He has been experiencing UFO contacts since 1975 with (the late) Dr. Fred Bell in Laguna Beach at the age of 18. He has traveled extensively in his search for truth, and has spent time with Sai Baba in India. Rob is considered an expert in pyramidology and the uses of crystals. He is a master healer in the art of laying on hands and almost every modality of massage.

REVEREND JOHN POLK ~ 3 – 4 PM PST ~ Sunday, October 23, 2016




The Reverend John Marcus Polk is an International Metaphysical Minister, a Reiki Master Teacher, and a medium. Reverend Polk was born in 1969 in Raleigh, North Carolina. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcasting, and another Bachelor of Arts Degree in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona. This university granted John the title of International Metaphysical Minister after his studies were completed. John is also a Reiki Master, and an instructor in Usui Reiki.

He is the founder of Wolf Spirit Ministries, LLC. In addition to all of this, John was gifted with the ability to be a Channel and a medium. In his book Yahweh, the Biblical God, is an Alien. John adds his insights into Ancient Alien theory as a theologian, in the area of exospirituality. Reverend Polk is a psychic medium, making contact with the ancestral spirit, aliens, and ghosts. He lives in Florida and works on writing and media projects sharing messages globally.

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