Travis Walton in LA – Nov. 5 & 6

Travis Walton in LA – Nov. 5 & 6

It’s been 41 years to the day since Travis Walton was taken. Join your favorite friends for this very special get-together at “The Space”


The Space – 624 South Pacific, San Pedro, CA 90731 * 818 850 9787

November 5th and 6th – 2016  –  It’s been 41 years to the day since Travis Walton was taken.  Join your favorite friends for this very special get-together at “The Space”, LA’s hottest new intimate venue.


See the latest version of the History-making film, “Travis – The True Story of Travis Walton”

Get updates from Mike Bara on Mars, Jan Harzan about the NEW MUFON, Sasha and Janet Lessin share the latest Annunaki discoveries, and Special Guest Steve Bassett in- person (fresh from the front lines) with the latest on the Political Disclosure Movement!
Free Lunch * After Party * Enjoy one or two days * A quality Live Stream is available as well!

It’s a different world Since Travis Walton was taken.

But one thing remans the same.  Aliens are here.  Join an all-star lineup at a private event unlike any ET Gathering that has ever been held.

You get to to be part of an intimate audience. You’ll have time to converse, interact, party and truly get to know our esteemed speakers.

In larger venues, you have to sit in big room and never even get the chance to shake someone’s hand or ask your questions.  At The Space, it’s all about connection.


The Schedule:

Day One: November 5th, Saturday, 10:00 am

Jen Stein Opening

Sasha Lessin – Continuing the work  for Zecharia Sitchen


Lunch (Included)

Travis Walton and Jen Stein

”Travis The True Story of Travis Walton” The film that is sweeping the awards circuit –

MOVIE: Travis – The Director’s cut

Jan Harzan & Ron James – The new MUFON

Finale – Steve Bassett – Washington Lobbyist Update

Ron’s Oceanfront Home  – cocktail party – beer and wine or BYOB

Day Two: November 6th, Sunday, 11:00 am

Breakout sessions with Travis Walton, The Lessins, Steve Bassett, Mike Bara

Television show shoots, Ron Jame’s Bigger Questions

Mike Bara – Travis Walton – Steve Bassett –  Sasha & Janet Lessin

MUFON TV SHOOT Travis Walton – Mike Bara – Steve Bassett

This event will sell out.  Only 80 seats are available:  GET TICKETS!

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