Living Water: The Perspective of Masaru Emoto

Living Water: The Perspective of Masaru Emoto

When the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto first published the book, Messages From Water, his life changed forever.

His theory, that human thoughts (or prayers or music) directed at water before it is frozen can affect the images of the resulting water crystals, caught the interest of many. Most scientists do not take his claim seriously, since there has been no peer review in academic journals, nor has Emoto ever followed any double-blind procedures to substantiate his theory; however, that has not slackened the growing interest of millions who are concerned about the quality of water. Today, Emoto, who has written a number of additional books, including The Hidden Messages in Water and Love Thyself – the Message from Water, travels around the world constantly giving lectures. This program introduces viewers to Emoto and his theories. Here we see beautiful, harmonious crystals that express vitality, while polluted or lifeless water does not form well-arranged crystals. We learn that one also does not have to be a chemist or a physicist to observe the quality of water. Anyone can become aware of water’s vitality by observing the beauty of its crystals and opening his or her heart to their fascination. This is probably the reason for Emoto’s wide-ranging success. He has studied the waters of aqueducts, lakes, rivers, springs, as well as curative and holy waters with surprising results. He has also examined the impact of cell phones and computers, as well as music and even our own emotions: water, he believes, “feels” the subtle vibrations by forming particular crystals; thus “we affect water, which in turn affects us, because we are 75% water.” This documentary unfolds like an easy and fascinating journey into a world still unknown to many of us, a world of incredibly beautiful crystals. Interviews are held with Emoto and Joan Davis, a former professor at the Federal Polytechnic in Zurich, Switzerland. And what are their conclusions? We must protect water, nature and ourselves by living in harmony and utilizing technologies, which are based on life. Water is a source of life and its lessons for us are many.

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