Incredible new images of the Ravne Tunnels at the Bosnian Pyramid valley

Incredible new images of the Ravne Tunnels at the Bosnian Pyramid valley

There is a long and complex maze underneath Bosnia and Herzegovina that lead to the Great Pyramid of the Sun.

Working persistently, Dr. Osmanagic and his team have established and proved the existence of a complex maze of kilometer long tunnels that lead towards the Great Pyramid of the Sun in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The distance from the entrance of the tunnels to the Pyramid of the Sun is 2.9 kilometers.

In our recent trip to the Pyramids of Bosnia located in Visoko, we had the opportunity to see what these tunnel look like.

There is something certainly about these tunnels and the Pyramid of the Sun which is clearly visible and defined.

The Ravne tunnels are long and complex caves that lead towards the Pyramid. So far, ten years have gone by and Dr. Osmanagic and his team have managed to explore and excavate only 2% of the complex maze of tunnels. According to researchers and Dr. Osmanagic the underground tunnels at Ravne are one of the safest places on planet Earth . Air circulation in the maze is perfect and allows a completely normal breathing. This is possible thanks to the different height of the tunnels, which by the difference in pressure helps push the air as if it were a natural fan.

One of the most important details about the Ravne tunnels is the concentration of negative ions, which is tens of times higher than usual, which causes the air to be clean of viruses and bacteria. For this reason, this complex was probably used as a place of healing and rejuvenation in the distant past.

How is it possible that ancient civilizations around the world had this kind of knowledge? How did they construct these tunnels? How did they understand the natural properties of negative ions? Curiously, there is no presence of radiation in the Ravne tunnels, making it one of the safest places on Earth, nor is there a presence of negative energy from underwater currents. Dr. Osmanagic and the Bosnian Foundation for the archaeological study of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids have been cleaning and reinforcing with wooden support the prehistoric tunnels that are believed to lead towards the Pyramid of the Sun in Visoko.

The foundation has established that there are two different civilizations that participated in the construction of the Ravne Tunnels and their construct methods are clearly distinguished. The original builders of the labyrinth created these incredible underground chambers, more than 20,000 years ago, these were the builders of the pyramids located in Visoko. A later civilization tried hard to hide the tunnels and make sure that no one entered them. This ancient civilization filled the tunnels with different types of material around 5000 years ago.

Here are some images of our trip to the Ravne Tunnels in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

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