CIA Releases Document Talking About UFOs

CIA Releases Document Talking About UFOs

A document straight from the CIA themselves that talks about UFOs are on their website!

On December 16, 2016, there was a document created on the CIA website that holds information from the year 2000 talking about the existence of unidentified flying objects and how they should approach these objects. While this document is rather short and hard to read due to the way it was made, it is still proof that the CIA acknowledges that the existence of UFOs are real. There is no reason to lie anymore about UFOs being weather balloons or other common objects they could be written off as. The CIA have plans written in the document on how a flying saucer should be approached if they ever have a full visual contact. Read the document for yourself and it will be clear.


Document meant for the Secretary of Defense on the subject of UFOs

David Aragorn

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