What is this 2.5mile long object moving under the Pacific Ocean?

A MASSIVE circular structure has been spotted slowly crawling across the Pacific sea floor 3000 feet below the surface.

The object, which observers say looks man-made rather than natural, is estimated to measure more than 2.5miles in diameter and is surrounded by what look like massive tank tracks.

Other observers suggest the tracks may be trenches or fortifications.

But the most baffling thing is the circular object which appears to have left a 41 mile track in its wake as it trundled across the floor of the North Pacific off the Californian coast .

The object is estimated to measure more than 2.5 miles in diameter

Tank tracks on the Pacific sea bed

Mystery of the deep: Are these tank tracks or fortifications below the Pacific ?

The object was brought to the attention of alien investigators SecureTeam10

Tyler, who helps run the internet investigations site, said: “There are certain areas of the ocean that are obviously blurred out. But what better place would there be for another race or another group of beings to hide than in the deep of our own oceans?

“While we are up staring at the sky all day and worrying about what’s up there we have 90 per cent of our oceans unchartered.

Tyler talking

Tyler helps run the internet investigations site SecureTeam10

 “We have no idea what’s there and we have a lot of mysterious UFO phenomena happening in our oceans.

“Some of these tracks truly do seem to have been dug out by something.

“We see a large circular object and an obvious path or trail created by it – and it disappears into a blurred out area – how convenient.”

Tyler said there are certain areas of the ocean that are obviously blurred out
Not everyone is convinced however.

After SecureTeam10 published the Google sonar map on YouTube Mikitan Fox said: “Large parallel lines = tectonic fissures, naturally occurring sorry.

“The curvy line is likely the pathway of a underwater current and deposition field of said current.”

Pacific ocean

Up to 90 per cent of oceans are unchartered

But the sceptics were far outnumbered by viewers curious to discover what the 2.5 mile object was.

Paul Skillman said: “70% of our planet is covered by water. There could be things going on in our oceans that we are totally unaware of.”

Source: Express.co

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David Aragorn

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  • Jeremiah McKenna
    August 18, 2020, 3:24 pm

    This is nothing more than a crater and an underwater river making the zigzag pattern, and mapping technology layered on top of one another.


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