IS IT REALLY HAPPENING? Strangers give EERILY similar accounts of alien abductions

IS IT REALLY HAPPENING? Strangers give EERILY similar accounts of alien abductions

SEVERAL people answered a call for information about being abducted by aliens and their accounts were eerily similar.

Many people told of similar experiences of being ‘abducted by aliens’.

Many responded to a call for true stories about alien abductions on social media site Reddit.

Many of those who responded reported being abducted in their own bedrooms and time skipping forward or memory loss.

There were also many who said they were able to communicate with aliens telepathically.

One man said as a nine-year-old he suddenly became “paralysed” in his bed.

He said: “All of a sudden this blue light shines through my bedroom window.

“I see my covers fall off to the floor as I get lifted through the window.

“I remember bits and pieces of being on a table in a room as other children are being examined too.”

The Reddit user says he saw an alien who looked like a “Praying Mantis” insect.

This is a recognised alleged type of alien species by conspiracy theorists.

The man even claimed he may have been healed during his cosmic kidnap, as he had trouble walking before the incident, but since then has had no problem.

He also said he was left with three mysterious needle marks on his legs.

Another man said his father-in-law was on a camping trip in the Northern Appalachians, north-east US, when he and the group suddenly blacked out.

He wrote: “They woke up about 10 yards away from their original site, in the exact formation that they had set up camp, but all of the little stuff was in the same spot.

“He still refuses to go hiking on that trail.”

One man spoke of mind-to-mind communication.

He said: “Nothing invasive was ever done and the extraterrestrials seemed genuinely curious about humans.

“More often it is just an interview via telepathy about how I am feeling and how things are going.”

He claimed to have been visited just six months ago.

He said: “One even seemed fascinated with one of my dogs.

“But I sort of thought how angry and hurt I would be if anything happened to my dog and he backed away.”

Sceptics however, say there is no solid evidence for anyone being abducted by aliens other than people’s accounts.

It is suspected that with so many happening in people’s bedrooms, feelings of paralysis, and missing time or memory loss, that they are just bizarre dreams.

It is also said that with the rise of the internet, the accounts are often so similar because people take details from the stories of others to embellish their own.

Source: Express

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