Two Glowing UFOs Over Home In New Jersey

Two Glowing UFOs Over Home In New Jersey

On May 5th in Shamong, New Jersey, there was footage of a strange light caught on a infrared camera set to catch moving objects passing it.

UFOs can cloak to hide themselves from us, but there in one thing no UFO can hide from…an infrared camera. The camera at night makes its own IR light shooting out of it with IR LEDs and captures everything that passes in front of it. Here the objects are two glowing entities that come down low to investigate the persons yard. Such UFOs are invisible to the naked eye, but infrared cameras and night vision cameras will catch them.

Eyewitness states:
Checking my home camera footage last night, before formatting my storage card, when I came across the attached 4 images. The object set off my camera, so it had to have been within about 45 ft. The camera only fires when an object moves, therefore this thing was hovering and moving for over 40 mins. I don’t recall anything about that night, but this did co-inside with my dog acting very strangely that Wed evening (a lot of dog in the neighborhood barking that evening) It wasn’t until I pulled my camera images last night (5/5/17) that I put two and two together.

My hunting dog is part Coonhound and nothing usually phases her, with the exception of Coyotes!
The things I believe:
1. Not the moon – wrong place, wrong phase.
2. Not a plane – no other lights, can’t hover. No sound.
3. Not a Drone – 2am, dark and flying through trees, no-one has that skill.
4. Helicopter – would have to be the front light, which meant it was flying backwards, and no other lights, no sound.
5. Close enough to activate the sensor on the camera over a 43 min duration.

If you want the camera for inspection, its all yours, but I’ll need it back for my gate.

The camera time footage stamp is 1 hr off due to DST.

Source: UFO Sightings Daily

David Aragorn

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