Alien Abductee Details Future Events, 2017 is When UFOs Will Arrive

Nadine experienced a dramatic and conscious contact with what appeared to be intelligent, non-terrestrial life forms.

Having no previous interest and very little exposure to the ET abduction phenomenon, the shock of the experience was staggering, resulting in fifteen years of denial and suppression of the secret, known only to the friend who had been present during the initial experience.

Subsequently, the bizarre contacts have continued over the years revealing an extraordinary amount of potential data worthy of investigation regarding a variety of non-terrestrial species that may be visiting the Earth. Revealed during these contacts have been advanced technology, human experimentation and testing, genetic cloning and hybrid production, tracking and recording devices implanted into humans, psychological and emotional manipulation, revelation of future events, and a human military/alien conspiracy. Most importantly, the information gathered over the years has been derived primarily from conscious recall, without the aid of hypnotherapy.

Source of video: Zohar Stargate TV

David Aragorn

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