UFOs Landing Activity Recorded On Camera

The video below is showings UFOs over a forest in Dordogne, France.

We think these objects were there for a long time and they probably are looking a place to landing. Indeed, the three objects seem to descend and get behind the trees.

Our first guess was that those are balloons, but then the flashes are not those familiar to that of gas heaters, and then they just vanished, disappeared.

Now that spells out capital UFOs. ?

However, this is the first UFO video we’ve seen in a while that doesn’t seem fake to us. Looks real and we need to realize that. UFOs are real, and there is no doubt that we are being visited by extraterrestrials beings.

What do you think?
Are those three objects are hot air balloons or the gas jets as they are coming down slowly to land?
Do you believe that Alien life could be in our backyard?

Source: Paranormal 24×7

David Aragorn

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