Town’s UFO monument to be moved, again

Town’s UFO monument to be moved, again

The truth is out there. Though a Massachusetts memorial commemorating a supposed 1969 UFO sighting may not be for much longer.

Officials in Sheffield, Mass. have ordered the 5,000-pound concrete marker moved for the second time since its 2015 installation, though they’re facing stiff opposition from a former resident who claims he witnessed the close encounter as a 9-year-old boy, according to The Berkshire Eagle.

The monument — which was funded by donations from locals and some of the 40 witnesses to the alleged extraterrestrial contact — was first installed three years ago, only to be relocated a few weeks later because it was on town property and, some said, detracted from a nearby replica of a beloved historical bridge.

In response, the memorial was shifted a mere 30 feet onto a privately-owned farm, the report said.

But now, the Town Administrator, Rhonda LaBombard, has ordered the marker moved again, saying it technically sits on a public right-of-way easement that runs through the farm.

If the monument isn’t picked up by its owners by May, the town says it will remove it.

“This isn’t fair to the community,” protested Thom Reed to the Eagle, adding that LaBombard herself picked the memorial’s current location the first time it had to be moved. “She chose the spot herself.”

Reed, the most vocal defender of the monument, now lives in Kentucky but was a 9-year-old boy when he and his family had their otherworldly experience.

Reed claims that he, his mom, grandma, and brother were crossing the bridge in their station wagon when a “self-contained glow” emerged from the treeline and enveloped the car.

He told the paper that he remembered feeling a sudden shift in barometric pressure and finding himself in something resembling a hangar.

The next thing Reed knew, more than two hours had passed and he was waking up back in the car, his mom and grandma having switched seats.

Some 40 people from Sheffield and neighboring towns came forward to say they saw unexplained lights in the sky that night, according to the Eagle.

Now, Reed is threatening legal action to protect the memorial commemorating the event — which even includes a plaque certified by state Gov. Charlie Baker.

“I am pleased to confer upon you this governor’s citation in recognition of the off-world incident on September 1st, 1969,” it reads in part. “Your dedicated service to the incident was factually upheld, founded, and deemed historically significant and true by means of Massachusetts historians.”

David Aragorn

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