Two major Canadian Conferences address UFO Disclosure

Two major Canadian Conferences address UFO Disclosure

Insights from 2018 conferences put Canada on the disclosure map

Two major Canadian UFO conferences have put Canada on the map as an emerging world-leader in global efforts to raise awareness about the reality of UFOs. Toronto Ontario and Vancouver British Columbia shared the international stage to highlight the UFO/ET issue.
Experts from Canada and the US and an audience comprised of enthusiasts and activists from as far away as China and South Africa gathered to raise and address serious issues related to government involvement in the UFO cover-up – an embargo on the truth about UFOs.
The Alien Cosmic Expo was held in Toronto at the Marriott Airport Hotel. The ANP conference was held in Surrey British Columbia at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel.
“Both conferences proved beyond any doubt whatsoever one fact:
The link between the UFO reality and the governments
of the US and Canada is now indisputable.” 
Stu Bundy MUFON Canada
A world-wide array of experts, authors, activists and researchers addressed how UFO Disclosure will affect the planet’s geo-political direction as humanity becomes aware we are not alone in the cosmos. Each conference attracted over 300 attendees.
ZNN was honoured to have its News Director, Victor Viggiani speak at and moderate these events produced by MUFON Canada and Jordan Pease from Ashland Oregon.
ZNN has been informed by both conference co-ordinators that videos of interviews and presentations will be posted gradually as they are assembled by Robert Shimmon – MUFON Canada’s ACE conference videographer as well as presentations and interviews by the tech-team at the Architects of the New Paradigm organization. [ZNN expresses its thanks and appreciation to Stu Bundy Assistant National Director of MUFON CANADA and Jordan Pease of ANP.]
“We must make our governments responsive to us. That’s what it’s about. We do need the government to respond to us. Otherwise,  just roll-over and live the rest of your life in a global totalitarian nightmare.” 
Richard M. Dolan.

Conference Highlights
US Pentagon UFO Release
While direct and irrefutable evidence was presented attesting to involvement by NORAD and other military agencies to restrict public access to UFO data and documents, the recent December 2017 release by the US Pentagon concerning its $22 million UFO investigation program (AATIP) was hailed as “the leading edge of the wedge” towards a form of government-acknowledgement that the UFO phenomenon is not only real but it has been funded by the US Senate and thoroughly investigated by the US government.

All conference experts unanimously agreed that this Pentagon release of information was a conclusive and unprecedented admission by the highest level of military authority in the United States of the UFO reality – an admission that mainstream media in Canada and the US are yet to figure out.

Canada: UFO Files and Letters
Adding to this news, News Director of ZlandCommunications – Victor Viggiani stunned ACE and ANP audiences with specific details concerning government letters and documents demonstrating a similar Canadian government UFO acknowledgement.

Viggiani revealed that 9,500 UFO files are located in the Library and Archives Canada data base – a fact that neither the general public nor media are aware of.

He also revealed a letter sent to him by the NORAD Commander indicating that an average of 1800 TOis (tracks of interest) and 75 intercepts per year were recorded by NORAD over a period of five years.

Viggiani also presented letters written to the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Minister of Defence Harjit Sajjan and cabinet ministers citing NORAD communications and the 9,500 UFO files – inviting them to the ACE conference to participate in the ACE conference deliberations on UFOs. (See these letters at the CRCU)


Senior MUFON Canada Investigator Ryan Stacey presented the new CANADIAN CURRENT EVENT SURVEY on UFO sightings for the first time publicly. This comprehensive survey re-assesses the way UFOs are reported, investigated and presented to the Canadian public. The survey is comprised of raw data, photos and videos of UFO sightings.
View the survey data, charts and photos at: Event One

Stay Tuned

Over the next while ZNN will be posting videos and other information presented at these two major conferences: the Alien Cosmic Expo (ACE) and the Architects of the New Paradigm (ANP) conferences held in June 2018.
Richard Dolan is an historian, author and respected international expert on the UFO/ET issue. He has spoken in a number of countries on the topic. Visit his web site:

Journalist wishing to interview or contact Richard Dolan or any of the conference’s speakers are invited to contact ZNN.

Copies of the Citizens’ Letter to Members of the Canadian Parliament given to over 300 members of the ACE audience to address the UFO with their own MP are available at: MP Letter

Visit the ZNN web site over the next while to keep up with the increasing pace of awareness about the biggest story in human history.
David Aragorn

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