SETI and ‘UFOs’: The ironic truth

SETI and ‘UFOs’: The ironic truth

On December 16th 2017 the New York Times ran a front page story about a unique secret UFO program which was/is ran by the United States government Department of Defense (DOD).

For the past 70 plus years millions of people world wide have had extraordinary claims of seeing flying saucers and little grey aliens in their bedroom. They were all easily dismissed as a hoax or even severe mental health issues by mainstream scientists and media alike. The sheer distance between star systems left it impossible to ‘travel faster’ than the speed of light was the cry. And therefore, UFOs were obviously mistaken weather balloons and or swamp gas. Any ridiculous explanation which didn’t fit the witness testimony was better than ‘space alien’.

However that all but changed. The thinking changed when physicists discovered that theoretically you don’t have to travel faster than light in linear mode to reach the stars but instead you can ‘warp’ space time. You in fact bring space and time to you.


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Consequently, behind the scenes DOD projects decided that potentially these objects which are engaging the military are maybe not weather balloons or the planet Venus. Weather balloons generally don’t travel at hypersonic speeds and turn off our weapons systems. So as a result congress authorised funding for a secret program.

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The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) was part of a larger DOD program entitled ‘Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program’ (AAWSAP). These highly classified programs were (bizarrely) tasked with identifying ‘unknown’ aerial threats to the United States. The acronym used for these unknown arial threats was ‘UAP’ which stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or to you and me Unidentified Flying Objects ‘UFOs’.


Now UFO doesn’t mean extraterrestrial spacecraft as pop culture has labelled, it could mean unidentified or in the case of the AATIP it generally referred to unidentifiable by known terrestrial means.

The problem is that AATIP found evidence of advanced propulsion craft beyond next generation. They essentially found craft (such as the Tic-Tac Craft) which was transversing hundreds of miles in a split second from a dead stop.

Nimitz UFO Captured On Radar 11 14 2004 300x294 - SETI and ‘UFOs’: The ironic truth

Again this doesn’t mean ‘alien’ but given the behavioural performances of these craft it is a very real possibility now. This is no longer classified data, no longer just public speculation. The ET hypothesis is firmly on the table.  Sorry.


So how does this effect SETI?


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Ok, so the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) for years has been a collective term for scientific searches for intelligent extraterrestrial life for example, monitoring ‘electromagnetic radiation‘ for signs of transmissions from civilisations on other planets.

Scientific investigation began shortly after the advent of radio in the early 1900s, and focused international efforts have been going on since the 1980s spending millions and millions of tax payer money in the process. Well done.

Now that official evidence is coming forward to suggest such an intelligence has been here all along are we seeing a welcoming acceptance of such data and information from Neil Degrasse Tyson and Seth Shostak?

No we are not. Tyson claimed the evidence is poultry and Shostak took to social media to reassure the scientific public that UFOs are often mistaken natural phenomena which don’t mean ET.


The usual dogmatic arguments for the past 70 years.


This time however we have congress being briefed and given access to data regarding the existence of UAP/UFOs. This time an official UFO DOD program exists and has provided radar and gun camera footage. This time crash retrieval has presented ‘exotic material’ which cannot be produced by 21st century technology.


Unfortunately the gatekeepers (SETI) we appointed and charged with discovering intelligences of extraterrestrial origin are ironically the same people who are stopping us from knowing more through continued research and essentially thinking differently.


Why on Earth would they do that?


Cognitive Dissonance

Imagine for a second, if UFOs are actually ET in origin then these same people will be a laughing stock. They will face question after question. How can this have happened. How did you ignore the data and waste billions on looking elsewhere with radio waves decade after decade. How painfully ironic.


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So watch these scientists at SETI, watch what they say and how, watch their behaviour, and most importantly watch to see if they preserve a narrative which benefits themselves.


I guess nobody wants to be the joke of humanity for all human history.



David Aragorn

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