Did Bigfoot Look At A Game Camera?

Did Bigfoot Look At A Game Camera?

Did a real Bigfoot investigate a camera meant to track hunting game?

Source: The Crypto Crew

Once again, I do not know much about this picture. I do not know where it was taken, who to credit or even if it is of a real Bigfoot. Here is what little I know about the image.

The best I can assume is that the picture was taken around 2016, but that may not be the date at all. A possible location of Pennsylvania but again this is just a guess.

What we are looking at, according to what I read, is a Bigfoot stooping down and looking directly at a game camera.

I have attempted to enhance the image to see more details.
There are some blaring questions about the image, like if it is a game camera picture where is the game cam data that is normally at the bottom of an image? This information must have been cropped out. It normally shows the time, date and temperature. All of that information is missing.

Also to me the image looks as if it is from a TV screen. But this could be very much true, as sometimes people load game cam images to their TV and then take pictures with another camera.

Here is a enhanced version of the image.

It does appear to be a stooped over hairy creature. I wonder if this could be from a movie?

Some may have a hard time seeing the figure so here is a crude outline of the figure.

If anyone has more information about this image, then please let us know. Even if it is a total fake we want to know so we can add it to the list of fakes. Knowing something is fake is good for future references. These types of things tend to pop back up over time.

Source: The Crypto Crew 1 comment

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  • Thomas
    April 20, 2019, 9:50 am

    Hello, I do not care for you sharing our articles by using a small part of them and then linking to us. But please do not post our entire article as you have in this post. To many people it will appear as if you wrote the article.
    Thank you.


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