Witness says hovering object shone light onto street

Witness says hovering object shone light onto street

A New York witness at Mechanicville reported watching a silent, hovering light that shined a light onto the street below, according to testimony in Case 89364 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

“I was up all night with sick kids, so when this happened, I thought my ‘tired’ mind was playing tricks on me,” the witness stated. “I saw a glow of light, light-up my window sill in front of my computer desk. I then looked out of the window to see if someone had pulled into my driveway.”

The witness then noticed a “decent size light” in the sky not too far above the power lines along the street.

“The light was not moving and was very bright white. It only took about a minute or two from the time I started watching it for it to shine a beam of light down on the side of the road. The light beam only lasted a few seconds but afterwards it all went away. No more light and no more beam. I never saw it again. Completely silent. Not a noise at all was heard.”

The next morning the witness went outside to look around.

“I noticed that the snow had fallen everywhere but one spot. A perfect circle of bare grass with snow all around it. It is the weirdest thing.”
New York MUFON Field Investigator Dale Reeck closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

Source: MUFON

David Aragorn

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