Bigfoot Conference brings hundreds to Hastings

Bigfoot Conference brings hundreds to Hastings

The 3rd annual Bigfoot Conference has kicked off and those who believe have flocked to Hastings for the event.

This event plays a major role in Hastings’ tourism as it brings in over 700 people over the weekend. Speakers from all over the country come together to share their experiences with Bigfoot.

“Well we know it’s just a unique niche in the world and people have a bunch of different beliefs whether you believe it or not,” Adams County Visitors Bureau Executive Director Anjanette Bonham said. “But it’s just interesting to hear their stories and the testimonies that the people who have seen Bigfoot or are investigating it.”

Skeptics and believers alike attend to see what they can learn about the mystical beast.

“We have visitors here from all over the United States and Canada,” Bonham said. “Which is exciting so some of them have never been to the middle of America before and Hastings is the official home of the Bigfoot Crossroads and it’s fun to showcase our city and what we have to offer and give people an opportunity to come here and visit.”

The event lasts through Sunday and more speakers will be sharing their knowledge at the Hastings Auditorium.

David Aragorn

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