Driver Spots UFO in Nashville, Immediately Freaks Out

Driver Spots UFO in Nashville, Immediately Freaks Out

One female driver who swears she spotted an actual UFO as she was driving home from Nashville had the worst reaction to it, immediately freaking out, sobbing and crying as she tried to get her husband on the phone.

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She also filmed the entire thing and then posted it on social media, as “proof” of the sighting. Regardless of whether you believe in UFOs or not, her behavior is only “proof” of what drivers shouldn’t do: drive when they’re overwhelmed by emotion and / or on the phone.

That said, the woman says her reaction came out of sheer panic. Identified only by her Twitter handle, @sadeyezrir, she tells The Sun that she got such a good look at the triangle-shaped UFO that there is no doubt in her mind that it was the real thing. Oh, and she knows the aliens were flying so low because they wanted to be seen.

“I was driving home from Nashville [to Murfreesboro], I was alone and I was singing. All of a sudden it just seems to appear out of nowhere and it was hovering over my car,” she says. “It was probably the size of three cars but it was a triangle. There was no sound. It was black and had a very nice sleek design. The red lights where all nicely placed in rows, but there were some line shape lights. The material was shiny.”

The woman says not one of the lights on the spaceship reflected on any surface: not on her car or inside of it, or on the other vehicles on the highway. She got so scared that, while trying to get her husband on the phone, she sped away. However, when she looked back, the spaceship had disappeared.

“I kept imagining that an actual alien would just appear on my back seat so I kept looking in my back seat just to make sure I was still alone in my car. I was terrified and my husband wouldn’t answer his phone. Until I sent him some voice notes,” she says for the British publication.

The messages she left her husband show she was hysterical. All jokes aside, it’s hard to imagine her being able to concentrate on the road like this, so if you’re not into UFO sightings, take this as a lesson of road safety. If you’re panicking or feel like crying, just pull over and wait for the moment to pass before you get back at the wheel.

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