UFOlogists to converge on site of 1967 Falcon Lake enounter

More than 50 years ago, a Manitoba man had an out-of-this-world experience in the woods near Falcon Lake, and the site has attracted UFO fans from around the world – many of whom will converge around the area for the upcoming Falcon Lake UFO Encounter Weekend.

Source: Global News

The original 1967 incident involved Stefan Michalak, a local man who was prospecting for quartz and silver in the woods when he came upon something wholly unexpected.

Winnipeg UFOlogist Chris Rutkowski, who wrote a 2017 book about the encounter with Michalak’s son, said the incident continues to mystify true believers in the region and beyond.

“Back in 1967, Stefan Michalak said that he encountered a landed, Hollywood-style flying saucer just north of the town,” said Rutkowski.

“He was burned and there was radiation found at the site. The U.S. Air Force came out to investigate, the RCMP came out to investigate, but nobody could figure out exactly what happened to him. He swore until the day he died that this is what happened.

“It’s a very interesting story, and probably one of the best ones in the world, much less Canada.”

Rutkowski told 680 CJOB the enduring mystery surrounding Michalak’s experience is part of the appeal for amateur UFOlogists, and the community has embraced the event.

“It’s interesting that it’s a part of Manitoba history that most people don’t really appreciate,” he said.

“Whether it was something from outer space or a military vehicle… there’s no question something happened. It’s a mystery. It’s quite fascinating. I knew the family quite well, and he wasn’t the type of guy to make up stories like this.”

Rutkowski will be speaking Saturday night at the Falcon Lake UFO Encounter Weekend, followed by an outdoor, space-themed film.

The weekend, he said, also involves visits to the site, a first-of-its-kind ‘UFO social’, and a lot more.

“It’s kind of our own mini Roswell UFO Festival,” he said.

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