Police make three arrests after 12 UFO and ghost sightings

Police make three arrests after 12 UFO and ghost sightings

Little green men and ghouls may have been visiting East Anglia, even attracting the attention of the police.

Source: Eastern Daily Press

Across the region many claim to have witnessed paranormal phenomena such as bright lights, flying discs, or images of ghosts in public.

In fact, data released by Suffolk Constabulary shows police officers have received 12 calls in the last 12 months relating to such ‘unexplainable’ events.

Of the 12 reports made since October last year, officers in Suffolk actually responded to seven incidences of paranormal activity, with three arrests made.

The most eerie time of year is winter, with officers receiving an average of two calls a month relating to UFO or ghost sightings between October and December 2018.

Yet even with officers responding to just under 60pc of all extraterrestrial calls, they have yet to put an alien in cuffs, with the three (human) arrests being for theft, causing intentional harassment, alarm or distress, and a sexual offence.

According to Tim Johnson, member of the Great Yarmouth-based Ghosting UK, these numbers make up a small proportion of actual sightings.

Mr Johnson, 51, said: “There’s been a lot going on with UFOs and ghosts, I think there’s more than twelve.

“I’ve had a few reports of paranormal activity which we’ve still got to investigate in the area.

“I don’t think everything is reported. People turn a blind eye as they think it’s nothing – they think they are wrong or it isn’t connected.

“But I don’t know, everything is energy. The moon can play a big part in energy on the magnetic fields. Unless you experience it you will think it’s a load of rubbish.”

Mr Johnson added he can understand why people would report sightings to the police, but said “it could be a waste of police time”, urging anyone who sees anything paranormal to contact Ghosting UK.

A Suffolk Constabulary spokesman said: “Time and resources are very valuable to the police and we would urge people to think carefully about when is appropriate to phone us on 101 or in an emergency on 999.

Source: Eastern Daily Press

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