The History Channel will cover an infamous Tri-State UFO encounter

The History Channel will cover an infamous Tri-State UFO encounter

At first it looked like a monkey. Maybe even an old man.

Source: Courier & Press

But the more Glennie Lankford stared, the more she realized it was something much weirder.

The figure toddled through the darkness. It was no more than three-feet tall, with two eyes that shined from the far edges of its head. And good lord: was it covered in metal? Or was that aluminum foil?  

Lankford was one of several people who spotted the creature out the window of a cramped Bell, Kentucky, farmhouse on the night of Aug. 21, 1955. There was John Sutton and his brother Elmer; their wives; O.P. Baker; Billy Taylor; and a gaggle of children. And all of them were growing increasingly tense.

Earlier in the evening, the kids had noticed eerie circles of light hovering above the home. And right before the figure appeared, some of the adults thought they’d seen something plummet out of the sky and cannonball into a nearby field.

Some said it looked like a shimmering bathtub. Others, though, claimed it resembled a flying saucer.

They were starting to wonder if that’s where this sawed-off little grunt had come from when they realized their problems had multiplied – literally.

The figure was now joined by an army of tiny monsters who rose from the weeds and swarmed around the house, pressing their grotesque faces against the windows. One of the men charged out of the house and immediately felt something seize him by the hair.

Lankford fainted. Children screamed. And the Suttons had enough.  

They grabbed a 12-gauge shotgun and a .22 pistol and opened fire. Lead lashed across the once-quiet farmland, causing the creatures to scatter.

But according to the Suttons, they could have just stood still. Because the bullets just bounced off them.

Several law enforcement agencies, from the nearby Hopkinsville police to the U.S. Air Force, investigated the encounter in the coming weeks. All of them dismissed it as nothing more than fantasy.

“I think it was imagination that built up from talk that got started among the people,” Christian County Sheriff’s Deputy George Bates said. “They just got themselves worked up over nothing.”

But what’s now known as the Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter has become an infamous story among alien fanatics. Proof, to them, that extraterrestrials have visited this planet.

And later this month, it will be the subject of a popular television show.

Source: Courier & Press

David Aragorn

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