Viral ‘Bigfoot’ photos at Turkey Mountain apart of city-park social distancing campaign

Viral ‘Bigfoot’ photos at Turkey Mountain apart of city-park social distancing campaign

Recent photos of Bigfoot in Tulsa have been revealed as a campaign to get people active but at a distance.

Source: 8 abc Tusla

You can add one more item to the general rules at Turkey Mountain.

“Honestly it makes me a little scared,” said hiker Jennifer Clinton.

Yellow signs have popped up with a message: Please practice social distancing on the trails at six feet a part.

“With the weather right now being the best it’s ever been, I wish there wasn’t a virus going around and we could enjoy it way more but this makes do,” said Enrie Chavez.

Several groups like Izabella Skinner and Chavez stopped by Thursday to brave the trails and other people.

“Kind of takes your mind off of it for a little bit, but these signs are a constant reminder of what’s really going on,” said Clinton.

But to help change course from this COVID-19 pandemic there has been a viral campaign involving photos of Bigfoot on the trails.

“We came out here and staged several sighting photos, and from there it exploded, it absolutely exploded,” said Ryan Howell.

Howell is the man behind the mask.

The River Parks employee used the costume to bring some humor to the situation and promote social distancing.

“It turns out social distance sasquatch is just me in a costume,” said Howell.

The city is rolling out their campaign Thursday at all Tulsa parks to safely enjoy the outdoors to limit the spread of COVID-19.

“We do see the signs, we just try and stay an appropriate distance between ourselves and other people just to be as safe as possible,” said Kira Shelton.

“Turkey mountain is not a place to meet your friends and go for a hike not right now,” said Howell.

This is a new normal for right now.

The city does say with a limited amount of public places open right now they ask that you follow the distance rules so they don’t have to shut down any amenities at these parks.

Source: 8 abc Tusla

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